Wild dagga and extracts

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by tokeabowl11, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Does anyone have any experience with either wild dagga or an extract of it. I noticed u can get it pretty cheap for even 25 x and im looking for a good marijuana alternative
  2. This proably wouldn't be it.

    Wild Dagga is pretty meh.
  3. I had wild dagga tea once.
    No effect but it tastes horrible. Had to add mint tea haha

  4. If it were 25 x would it be tight though? I mean ive smoke straight salvia leaves and it was pretty meh but then I did the 15x and i left earth... I would imagine it would be pretty potent at 25:1 uk.
  5. Dagga just isn't that great, extract or not.

    Not something I would ever put money on.
  6. Is there anything you would recommend?
  7. Amanita extract, not the mushrooms themselves.

    That or Spice Gold.
  8. erowid experiences are good but theyre all about the flower not the extract. i can only imagine an extract. hope it works and you have fun. one dude really liked it and started growing it himself.
  9. I ordered an oz. of kratom, 25x dagga, 10x muscaria, and some 10x wormwood. also some zohai but i already have experience with that. What is the muscaria extract like and what did u do to ingest it?
  10. how's the wormwood?
  11. bump, my friend has been smoking bowls that are like 2/3 wild dagga and 1/3 weed. you guys should definitely try it, seems like it makes the weed stronger. could be placebo, but even if that is the case (which i doubt), works for me:smoke:

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