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    I've watched this ill series numerous times and never get sick of it. [If you have Netflix the whole series is on Watch Instantly, although it doesn't compare to the DVD, it's still awesome]. Here's an excerpt from Netflix that sums up what it's about:

    "This six-part series from the BBC uncovers some of the most exotic and uncharted natural habitats hidden within the vast and diverse topography of China, including Yunnan's forests, the Tibetan plateau, the Silk Road and the Mongol steppes. Through high-definition and other cutting-edge camera technologies, the footage presented here captures stunning wildlife sequences, along with a plethora of breathtaking landscape photography."

    Here's some screen shots from the series [the pics don't do it justice].


    If you haven't heard of it you definitely gotta cop this shit and check it out, it's full of information; you can't watch this and not learn something from it.


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  2. Awesome thanks for sharing! My kinda shit. I always look for stuff like this on Netflix instant.
  3. No problem son, I love this kind of shit. Informative programmin' is where it's at.
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    Ya, thanks, man. I should probably check that out since I 've been wanting to go explore the se asian border area and western china for quite some time.

    ....not to mention trying out the outdoor grown indicas and sativas.....and not to mention the opium if that's your thing.
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    Yeah it's a really good series, a lot of information on animals, plants and the culture. One of my favorite things about China is the rice terraces:

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  6. damn, these series are so good!

  7. Fuckin sweet, this looks awesome. Thanks for sharing, I love natural science programs
  8. The BBC natural history unit (the guys who produced the program) are unparalleled in this field of television. its unbelievable what they manage to come up with.
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    If you dont have netflix you can stream the whole series here for free: Wild China

    This series is awesome! I've been to Yunan before, but not close to the area where they filmed in those forests. Cannabis and hemp pretty much grows everywhere in Yunan. In some public places there were hemp plants growing over 10 ft tall haha! And there is an endless amount of cheap and shitty weed there. Wonder what the stuff is like in the more remote areas...
  10. Word man. Best natural broadcasting unit worldwide, no doubt.

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