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Wild cannabis?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tropical Goo, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Is there anywhere where weed just... grows? :eek: me being really high I can just picture it, hahaha. Big fields of it, people skipping through it in slow motion on a sunny day.. XD
  2. Lol in nebraska we have ditch growing on the side of almost every gravel road. Its not what you think, weed isn't just weed. It doesn't get you high and is totally different than the weed that you buy. Hopefully.
  3. The Friday the 13th remake had teens searching for wild marijuana near Camp Crystal Lake in the opening of the movie, but I can't attest to how grounded in reality that is.
  4. well it had to have been that way at one time. I mean what about when man first discovered it?
  5. ive always thought about this myself on stoney days..itd be pretty fuckin awesome to be walkin through the woods and stumble upon a field :D id never leave!

  6. Then you gotta dry it and cure it. Oh and it is picked at a certain time, at the peak of THC production. So i doubt you would get great weed lol
  7. Ya, theres actually tons of feral cannabis in the US. I don't know if you would want to smoke it though.

  8. #9 420stonedpanda, Aug 3, 2011
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    Something like this (although it's far from the US):

    [ame=]‪Cannabis in Himalaya‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    Probably not completely wild, but still pretty close...Cannabis as far as the eye can see.
  9. id smoke it.....cant be worse than mexican schwag
  10. ^^ There ya is.
  11. Its everywhere in Afghanistan and parts of california, oregon, etc. A lot of the wild stuff isn't that potent though, some of it's even wild hemp.

  12. It's a lot worse.
  13. every plant that exists grows wild somewhere. ditch weed grows pretty much everywhere in rural areas. i see it all the time, the thing is it is NOTHING like the stuff you purchase to get high. when grown naturally the male and female reside right next to each other, and as a result the bud is full, i mean full of seeds, there is essentially no bud, and what little bit of plant material there is barely gets you high.
  14. You got the story wrong. They werent looking for wild marijuana, it was a grow operation in a forest that they were tipped off to, and were going to steal weed.

    Your second comment as to how grounded in reality that is.

    This happens everyday, everywhere, for as long as weed has been illegal.

    If you read news, you'd know this. Heres an article thats 6 days old. Try to keep your nose in the world you live in.

    heres the article for anyone interested.
  15. Does anybody sell seeds of this wild stuff? Because I'd like to just set some loose over here in the UK (I live on a farm) and then cross-breed it after a few years to get some nice hardy weed.
  16. wild cannabis is simply that....all it is is marijuana that tends to grow wild...basically it happens by seeds and or pollen blowing away(just like any other plant) unless your talkng about something else if you are please correct me. :) stay stoney
  17. Haha, to clarify then, I meant this ditchweed stuff that's been growing wild for ages. I figure there'll probably be some useful genes in there.

  18. That is Hemp. It grows all through the mid-west. After weed and hemp was made illegal, the gov. stepped in during WWII and paid the farmers to plant it again. They used it for ropes, parachute cords, etc. :smoke:
  19. it is worse than "mexican schwag" there is a difference from a pot plant and a HEMP plant. almost everytime you find a wild plant it will be a hermaphrodite anyway. i've smoked about an eighth of a wild plant (hemp plant) just out of curiosity and nothing... if you want dank pot you have to babysit it everyday not an easy task.

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