Wild Cannabis growing everywhere in Pakistan, how and when to harvest

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  1. Can anybody guide me on what to do. I’ve attatched pics below to show what stage they’re at. After how long should they be ready to harvest. Is been +- 12 weeks already

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  2. To me they look like they are industrial type and are for seed production. Someone with better eyes may want to have a look.
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  3. That looks like a bunch of male plant to me. I think I see balls on the plants.
  4. Not sure about the rest of the pics but jpeg.2657249 is a male.
  5. Lol you have been fooled by the mighty hemp plant.
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  6. Northern Hemisphere Cannabis is done at the end of fall just before the first frost usually mid to late October.
    Southern Hemisphere is reversed and Plants are done in April.

    The closer you get to the equator the less this applies so watch the buds for swelling and the darkening of the hairs. Odds are you are looking at Rope, Hemp, Ditch weed with very low THC content. Only way to know is grab some. Dry it and try it. If all you get is a sore throat and a headache it's hemp.

    Sativa strains and that looks like it from the very narrow fingers on the fan leafs can run much longer and may not be finished till years end in December if your in a frost free zone.

  7. So the weed isn’t any good? Can it be rubbed to make charas/hash?
  8. If it is Hemp grade it's only good for making rope from. .03% THC even making hash from it won't get you high.
    No way to tell just by looking at it. You'll need to harvest some in October and dry and smoke it to know for sure.
    Parts of the Midwest USA has it growing alongside the roads left over from WW2 when they farmed it for rope in the 1940s. Looks just like the smokable stuff but it won't get you high.

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  9. Get a large bottle of ibuprofen and prepare for headaches. Looks like wild hemp. I live in the midwest usa like mentioned above, it's not uncommon the find wild hemp on farms and along roadsides. High schoolers will try it thinking they've hit the Jack "POT" so to speak.
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