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    This is kind of a two part post... the poll, and then what's below here:p

    If you do I'd like your help very much! I'm looking for people who know how to use the wiki soft ware really well, I've created a wiki dedicated to pot... check out my signature for the link and such... But I would greatly appreciate any one who can help me by writing articles (you don't even have to register)

    Anyone who can use it really well please PM me, I'm in need of moderators/maintainers and just people know how to use the software better than me :p

    As for the name potanica, it's a play on encyclopedia britanica... encyclopedia potanica....... I find it kind of amusing, but that may only be funny to me, but I think it's neat:rolleyes:... but either way, you have to admit potanica is a fairly kool sounding name:p

    P.S. my community portal already links back here, I respect the city :)

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