WikiLeaks Exposes North American Integration Plot

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    WikiLeaks Exposes North American Integration Plot by Alex Newman

    Old news about it:

    [ame=]YouTube - The Amero - North American Currency[/ame]

    North American currency union - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    [ame=]YouTube - Lou Dobbs reports on the emerging "North American Union". It's real, it's happening![/ame]
  2. Kinda just makes you want to shake your fists in rage doesn't it?
  3. Well looks like the conspiracy people are right after all.
  4. ^^ was it a big conspiracy?

    i thought this was common knowledge.. :eek:
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    Why does it make you want to shake your fists in rage?

    edit: nvm i get it
  6. Meh, nationalism isn't exactly much better.

    Just because europe can't get shit right doesn't mean that this is so horrible.

    If the NAFTA countries adopted a universal constitution, that protected the people from the government, as ours does, and then just divided power in the same manner we divide our federal government into states, It wouldn't be any worse than what we live in now.

    This isn't a blow to liberty . . .
  7. They're reducing our representation.

    A union that serves Canada and Mexico's interests might not serve the US', or vice versa.

  8. Right, an even more powerful, even less accountable, centralization of power isn't a blow to liberty.

  9. the best kind of power is the decentralized kind
  10. It won't serve any country well, but it will serve the interests of a privelaged class in each country very well.
    This is one reason I was hoping Quebec would eventually seperate from Canada. Decentralized power works for me.
  11. Wow, and this was in 2005 when Stephen Harper was Prime Minister for only a about a year, with a minority government. Now he has got a majority and the platform he was running on... "security" and "prosperity". (Had to put a lil' partisan spin on it :smoke:)

    And it's definitely happening 'incrementally' already. Wasn't it just recently security at the Canada/U.S. became more integrated?
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    It's in the article but here it is:

    Declaration by President Obama and Prime Minister Harper of Canada - Beyond the Border | The White House

    Declaration by President Obama and Prime Minister Harper of Canada - Beyond the Border

    Beyond the Border:
    A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness​
  13. :eek:

    holy shit!

  14. this is nationalism on steroids. and what we live in now is a cunt hair from an all out yeah it's not a new blow to liberty.... that has been taken from us over a century ago.

    shit like this is why i have guns!!
  15. Well, at least I won't need a passport anymore...

    I'm trying real hard to find any positive things I can take from this...:(

  16. or sovereignty or property or....
  17. It has taken that powerful federal government to assure rights to the people of our country.

    How does decentralization of power affect liberty in the slightest?

    Local governments are much more effective in taking your rights.
  18. So, what currency will we use? U.S. dollar is in the shitter, might as well have Canada and Mexico bail your ass out.

  19. No.

    The Federal Government has usurped our Constitution for as long as I can remember. If you really want to know what "authority" the feds have, refer to Article 1 Section 8. There isn't much they are authorized to do. Everything else is, well, was supposed to go the to States and to the People.

    A centralized power gives a one-size-fits-all solution which is the exact opposite of how this County, our Constitutional Republic, was established.

    If you have any proof for what you are claiming though, feel free to share...
  20. Yes the federal government has taken rights at times, but localized governments could do it just as easily.
    What about the federal government guaranteeing:
    Civil Rights movement?
    Abolition of Slavery?
    Women's rights?

    If the founding fathers wanted did not want a strong central government than we would have stuck with the articles of federation.
    As of now though everyone is just speculating without any proof.

    Nationalism allows nations to take the liberty of peoples in weaker nations. Our country is very fond of that actually. There is no proof that an American Union would be any worse, and it would actually allow a framework to protect the rights of the American people universally.

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