WiiU 60 Price Glitch

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    You fuckers better hurry. Print the price out and go get it price matched at Walmart before they get the memo. There are people still posting receipts and pictures buying anywhere from 1-7 consoles. Its worth a shot, manager even said if I were an hour earlier they wouldn't have caught it yet. If you can find a seasonal worker that will honor it you're gold.
    I don't expect anyone to see this tonight but its worth a shot.
    If anyone does get one I'll pay $120 for one shipped.

  2. close the sears glitch tab maybe. 
    I didn't say use my picture. I posted that to show the people the price once the site is fixed. You need to hover over "ship free" and print it out with "##### Area Code In Stock" since you are unable to add it to the cart. You cannot buy it from sear but you can show the cataloged price for a match.
  4. ohhh okay. im gonna print it and go tomorrow, i have to go to walmart for something anyways. 
    It's going to be too late. There are tons of people still posting time stamped receipts with boxes but anonymous Walmart workers have said they normally get 'the memo' by 6AM. Plus if they do check sears the price is still on sale right now and you can raise a little hell about them following policy and such.
  6. Fuck me. No say I can partake >_>

  7. Too bad I don't have any spendable money.
  8. Damn having to be at work soon and walmart being a couple citys over.
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    that sucks.

    I live.in.walking distance from wallmart

    When I say walking distance I mean.my.lazy fat ass.walking distance (less than a footballl field)

  10. Too late, surely every Walmart already knows about this. I just think its funny that when Sears goofed it's going to be Walmart that pays for it.
  11. I hate walmart(and most of the ppl in my city do, hence why we don't have one) so any chance to stick it to them im all for.
  12. You can do this on any website easily. You type in a Java code into the address bar and then you can edit every single thing on the website. I can't bother Google it atm but if you just search how to edit any website you should find it pretty easily.

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  13. Retailers will catch onto that scam and they won't honor it. You can be arrested (maybe). 
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    Ya I don't think anyone would be dumb enough to fall for this without checking the website themselves but if someone did do this it would be less time consuming xD oh Ya forgot to mention that the java code only works for you that's why I said that.

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