wiiiierd shit!

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  1. so last friday night me and a few friends were smoking and have a few beers at my farm around a fire we made. 6 people were there 2 stayed sober (not a puff or a sip) so they could drive home.

    So around midnight a really chilling wind comes through im like wtf but just blow it off as nothing along with everyone else just get closer to the fire. Well around 1am we hear a horse galloping everyone did even the 2 sober people sketchy as shit and it was loud then we hear a loud shriek them everything went silent like super uncomfortable silent:confused:. So im like fuck this lets go home my house is a half mile awayso we get in our vehicles and get the fuck out. By this point im several bowls deep and have drank quite a bit so were heading down the road and see headlights them boom they go out i get to my house and everyone goes inside. Me and one of my sober friends grab a shotgun and get in my truck to go see wtf the headlights were all about cause they were a 1/4 mile up and didnt see any reflectors when they went out we drive down the road and see nothing no tread marks or anything were the headlights were so im sketched and go back home. Get back to the house and im like fuck it just lock the doors and go to bed nobody wanted to leave at this point closest neighbor is 6 miles so no one should be on the roads at this time.

    So im laying in bed then i hear my dog barking i go up to see whats up and before my eyes i see the most beautiful thing ever a HUGE mushroom looking object morphing between blue and orange towards the northern horizon i yell my buddtys came up and we just stared in awe for ahwile then thought wtf at one point i asked my sober buddys if they saw it and they were like fuck yes.

    So wtf it could been someone fucking around but that dont explain the mushroom object WTF :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  2. That's a pretty cool story, regardless of it's truthfulness or not. Very creepy.

    Anyways, they warned you weed made you insane. You didn't learn. Now enjoy a slow loss of sanity and a painful death. I'm sorry.
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    Yeah must be that devils weed the government warned us about.
  4. lol I would have just chalked it up to being high as fuck and smoked another bowl.

    Weird story, why didnt you go outside and check it out?
  5. One time me and my 2 cousins were going for one of our regular drives and stopped in some random rural town off a side road there was a dead end in a grassy field(grass about 4 feet high) we parked the car in a small opening that was still dirt like the road, but all around us was grass and then one way out.. we go to spark up the joint and started hearing rustling in the grass. we look at each other asking whats that, wonder what that is. then one noise turns into 3 into 10, it was like something out of Jurassic park and the raptors or something. needless to say we didn't stick around to see what the noise was but it was very scary we just peeled outta there.

    Your story sounds crazy though and I believe it. the fact that you had 2 people stone sober helps. I believe in aliens though I don't like the thought of other things being able to come here as they like and do what they may...
  6. ya i really dont believe in aliens or anything like that but damn idk what it was unless there was like some weird atmosphere shit goin on lol

    i wish i coulda been o im to high nbd but to sober friends comfirmed everything so idk creeeepy shit lol
  7. really interesting story, for real.

    Hey OP next time you go out and check the area out in day time, update us on if your found anything.
  8. Wear a foil hat and go to town pronouncing how you had an encounter with aliens while with your 5 man friends.

    Should go over really good.
  9. i went and looked the next day no visible signs of anything nothing out of the ordinary so idk what was going on

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