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Discussion in 'General' started by liquidswords, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. anybody here have a wii? what are your fav games to play high?
  2. i plan on gettin one real soon

    we blaze and play the shit outa all those sports games
  3. nice sig, nas is dope
  4. I played Mario Party 8 with my family when I was blazed and they didn't know. They just thought I was having a lot of fun.
  5. o yea ...So I guess you know the story, the rap-side, crack-side
    How I smoked funk, smacked bitches on the backside
  6. Wii Sports, and Excite Truck is good to play stoned, not many good games out yet, cant wait for Super Smash Brothers Brawl that should be a great game...Wii hasn't even tapped its potentital yet.
  7. Wii Boxing gets pretty intense.
  8. wii tennis, madden 08
  9. I gotta say I was kicking ass yesterday my first time playing tennis and baseball, my friend had it at her house, and I was beyond trashed lol

    I hear the boxing game is a real workout!

    Oh yea, are they cheaper yet?
  10. my fav game is excite truck!

    but, katamari is coming out soon for wii...

  11. theyre not like ps3 and 360, Wii's arent even on the shelves yet where im from, lucky ive had one since the beginning of the year. I got a discount on mine, 280$ is the msrp I think

    I got

    Wii sport
    Wii Play
    Twilight princess

    I want to get

    the new geometery wars game
    --maybe mario galaxy
    --maybe metroid prime (i have a 360 also, would rather wait for halo 3)
    super smash brothers of coarse

    ---I also downloaded

    super mario bros
    Mike tysons punch out
    Pacman<----is what I play majority of the time, such a stoner game.
  12. i highly recomend "Manhunt 2" i dont think its out yet but the fist one was awesome and 2 got a AO(adults only) rating for its gore
  13. Manhunt2! Hellyeah! Can't Wait For That To Come Out!
  14. I like blazing up then playing a round of golf on Wii Sports, or bowling that shits fun! The boxing is way too intense, I dont really like sweating when I play video games. I want the new Carnival Games thats out, it has like SkeeBall and other carnival games.
  15. I play the resident evil alot. But I beat that, so now I need a new game. I played the shit outta Wii boxing and the bowling for a while, both of those are still fun.
  16. im a pro bowler and golfer on wii sports, doenst mean much besides i got 1000+ points and they give you like a sparkly bowling ball.

    I just bought metroid prime yesterday. If you have a Wii i highly recomend you get this. I would not consider it a "shooter" but more action adventure. The controls can be complicated at first. I can only compare it to twilight princess but with motioncontrolled guns instead of a sword. Im not good on reviews, but graphics look good (standard Wii connection, not 480i/p)(id say it looks alittle cartoony but that doesnt bother me at all)

    Hands down, the Wii motion controls on Metroid are top notch. imagine "pulling your wii-mote away from the screen, turning counterclockwise, and pushing towards the screen" thats how you open some doors in this game, its really cool.

    id recommend going to IGN and looking at the gameplay videos. if you have a Wii, dont miss this game. ^^ i was real skeptical, tried my hardest not to buy it. But besides twilight princess its my only actual game besides those Wii sports. So I gave in, and im glad i did.

    buy metroid prime 3
  17. Nah man, that was just a rumor in the rumor mill, Rockstar removed most all the AO content and got it to be a M (Mature) rating so they can still sell it at Wal-Mart.

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