Wife got me a one hitter pipe

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  1. Hey, wife went and got me this piece over the weekend. I like that its like hitting a cigar, since i just quit the habit, feels comfortable. Reminds me of hulk blood. I imagine I smoke enough weed that my blood probably looks like that too.
    I thought that white part was a messup, but its where they sealed the liquid in

    Pipe was 12 bucks

    Shoved a fat mini nug in there

    And another and another, before i knew it, it was the next day :smoking:

    And here we are! :smoke:
  2. Does the liquid have any purpose or just for show?
  3. No, its like the human appendix. There for no damn reason lol

    When she handed it to me i literally said, :blink: wtf? When i saw the liquid, but then it sorta grew on me and now im like, hey, does your pipe have pointless fluid in it?

    Nope? Well mine does! ;)
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    I'm no smoking tools expert but, that liquid might be for freezing. Place the one hitter in your freezer. Remove when liquid is frozen. Icy cold hits for everyone !! Yay !! :yay:
    Just to be safe if you decide to try it...Freezing cold liquid for icy cool smooth hits. Do not leave in the freezer for longer than 15-20 minutes as there is danger of glass breakage.,Non-freezing liquid.
  5. Hmm...to experiment with wifes gift, or not to experiment with wife's gift, that is the question! [​IMG]

    My stoner sense is telling me not to mess with China glass....
  6. Eh, i gotta try it.....or ill go more nuts
  7. I wouldn't hit it while frozen.  You are just asking for a snap, crackle or pop! :smoking:
    I wonder if the fluid serves as somewhat of a heatsink keeping the whole unit a bit cooler for longer.
  8. Cool piece.
    I need to try and make one.
  9. Refridgerate it, don't freeze it. That way the water'll cool down the hits, without being too risky. 
  10. I had it in the freezer for 20 mins. The thought of hitting it with fire cold didnt appeal to me so i held the bowl in my hands til it warmed up some, then held the flame away and inhaled, so fire wouldnt touch the glass. The liquid was cool and cooled off the smoke for a few hits but that was it. I just used it the way it is and its good enough for me. I think it would probably be better in a high end piece.
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    Lol, i forgot i even had this pipe.

    Dont know where it is :hide:

    Edit: i found it and put it away so i wont lose it.... :smoke:
  12. Good decision! I always put my gifts somewhere safe.
  13. Good advice, i tend to get stoned and lose shit lol
  14. The liquid looks cool. Never seen a piece like it. 
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    I hadnt either til she brought it home, but the function of the liquid isnt that great tbh. Two hits in it serves no purpose lol

    And who keeps a freezer in their pocket? :p
  16. The fluid is intended for 20 min freezer vacations
  17. N that's a HUGE bowl to call a 1 hitter
  18. So according to my homeboy who owns a smokeshop that is referred to as a liquid chilled Chillum
  19. Get hulk smashed off the shit haha

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