Wife and Rape LOL?

Discussion in 'General' started by FuzzyNug, May 30, 2009.

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    Lol....I just had this thought.

    If you had a wife of like 5 years+ and you have had sex before, but this one time you
    got really horny or some shit and your wife says no to sex then you rape her by like tying her up
    and use a condom is it considered rape even if she is your wife and she said no to it?

    HAHA i got no fucking clue...I was just wondering if anyone has a awnser to that, even if it made no sense.
  2. Jesus christ are you high?
  3. ofcourse it's still rape.

    no means no.

  4. Haha ok thanks, I was just wondering for some reason,
    It sounds retarded..
  5. lol, yeah for real. how about those utah people with 8 wives? demand pussy from all 8 at one time, yeah right.

  6. What utah people? lololol
  7. haha stop smoking so much :D jk jk

    But yeah, I believe it's been a crime in Australia since 1991 after they started getting rid of all the religious bullshit in the legal system, a surprising amount of which still remains.

  8. Nah man, I don't need weed to think of weird random shit....

    But it does help.
  9. Just wondering, I think up a bunch of weird shit like that when I'm high.
  10. Lol...

    Judge: Why did you rape your wife?

    Man: Because she wouldn't put out.

    Judge: Why didn't you just slap dat bitch and tell her you would kick her out of your house if she didn't put out?

    Man: Never thought of that...I was really horny.

    Judge: Okay, You're free to go, Don't do it again though.

    Man: Yes, Sir.

    It probally wouldn't be like that, but it would be cool if a judge was like that ...idk
  11. jesus christ

  12. People seem to use them words alot...lol
    My mind isn't actually like the post , I was just wondering...Not like i've done it before
    i'm only 18 going on 19 and no wife mang.
  13. you know, im a sick fuck. but you're really a sick fuck.

  14. RAWFL!!!!

    Im now known as a creep here...

    Well anyways im back now, but this time im high as shit...

    So....Jesus Fucking Christ (he is having sex with himself = Masturbation)

    LOL IDK.
  15. you made me laugh 3 time in this thead. lmfao +rep
  16. i don't see how it's possible to rape your wife... isn't that like a double negative?
  17. Rape is bad mmmkayyy, When a women doesnt want penetration leave it at that, MMMkayyyy
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