Wierdest thing someone has said to you about cannabis?

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  1. We all know that the public is force-fed lies and tall-tales about marijuana. What's the most untrue thing you have ever heard?

    A couple years back my D.A.R.E. officer told me that marijuana "significantly lowers a person's IQ". What a load of bullshit!!!
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    marijuana makes black men rape white woman. gotta love that reefer madness
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  3. That you'll grow hair on your palms.
  4. A kid from my school lived in Brunei tried to tell us that marijuana was addictive so me and my mates asked him why he thought that and he told us that 97% of people that tried weed were addicted after their first time.

  5. They used to say the same thing about jerking off haha
  6. I told my high-school girlfriend that I wanted to try going to a hookah bar now that we were 18. She told me that I shouldn't go because hookahs were only for smoking marijuana. I pointed out that the hookah establishments would be busted regularly by the police if this were the truth, which she rebutted by saying that "we all know" that the massage parlors give happy endings but they don't get busted either...

    I went to the hookah place without her about a week later, and we were broken up within a year.
  7. youll get ugly if you smoke it?
  8. "You know that kills braincells, right?"
  9. yeah hookahs are for tobacco, i hate smoking weed out of a hookah
  10. It's harmless.
  11. When I get fed up with what the little anti weed kids say at my school I pretend I'm agreeing with them and say some really messed up stuff just to mock them.
    "If you smoke weed you'll rape your mother!"
    "When you get high you'll trip out and think your dog is a demon and eat its heart."
    "You'll get the munchies so bad, you'll eat until you have to vomit."
    Just to name a few.
  12. It turns you into a homosexual Communist.
  13. I thought that was the computer
  14. Back in grade school in a D.A.R.E type thing this lady told me a story about 2 kids that smoked weed and were found dead. She then went on to try and tell me that they die because they hallucinated from the weed and had a heart-attack because they got so scared.
  15. "im going to have to arrest you for that"

    "its illegal?":eek:

    yeah that was pretty fucking weird.
  16. Haha fwiinooo when i get un-grounded i am coming to ur house and we are gonna get that high.
  17. Some of yall just make it too obvious...:p
  18. hey i never straight out indicated my age haha :D. Oh for the record im 18. I said it. yalls and got nuttin against me :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  19. I aint no mod man. Dont worry:wave:

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