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  1. ok ill kick this off..a while back I was just walking around my local lake and I found what appeared to me to be a meth operation....I ran the fuck outta there like a rabbit and have not been back since...I want to live a little longer anyways...good way to get a cap in your ass finding stuff you are not supposed to...and my dad was coon hunting one night and walked into a huge pot field by accident and he told me that you could see flashlight beams where the people were working...he said he got the hell out as fast as he could....another good way to get a cap where you don't want one

  2. a small baby carrot
  3. AugustWestâ„¢ lol
  4. A bloody bat,a hockey mask and some old 70s pants.
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    It says in the woods... not in your pants. :rolleyes: ( :love: )

    I've found neat stuff in the woods. Found some prohibition era glass liquor bottles once. Those were really cool.
    Otherwise, various animal carcasses and the like.

    There also used to be a hobo camp along the railroad tracks in the town I went to college in. Stumbled across that a few times, although no one was ever there.
  6. 100s of baby toads hopping everywhere, and you can't take a step without almost smashing one. I later found out there was an abandoned warehouse pool thing where there were hella toads and turtles....and mosquitoes

    Fuck them. Lol

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  7. A flying unicorn on a tricycle...joking. But once on a rare occasion, I found...not any ordinary object...but a TREE. Mary and Joseph fucking on a bicycle that was a amazing discovery I stumbled upon. To think I only went in there to bury a body and found that. Magical eh?. Ps I'm just messing I wasn't burying a body :D...or was i -_-
  8. I found an old camper trailer in the woods of my place. 
    it looked like it was from the late 50s and it had been under the trees at least 30 or more years. All the edges had split apart and the roof was halfway to the ground in the center of it.
    all the dishes and silverware were still there buried under compost and leaves, laying just like they were in their drawers...
    really weird scene...creepy place.....
  9. Walking down to the river in the woods at college... Found an ounce of nice bush quite damp but the rice fixed that up
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    I found a '97 GMC Yukon in great shape and unlocked. Used to hotbox it all the time in high school.
    EDIT: On that same plot of land are three other classic cars and a big, nice, modern house packed full of random shit. Utilities still work, but it looks uninhabited. Really creepy.
  11. Decade old mattresses and pornomags. One kid I went to school with found a human skull and made the news.
  12. It's been a while since we've had a "found in the woods thread"!
  13. Some weird wicker dolls hanging off tree branches. Rural Somerset can be a strange place.
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    I've never been in the woods

    in SD where i grew up we would explore canyons as kids and all i found were rattlesnakes lol, damn desert.
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    Naked people, or their clothes anyway. My wife and I were camping years ago before we had kids in central California, beautiful little spot with a creek running into the woods. We took our dog for a walk up the creek just to spend the day in the woods and found a really nice small waterfall, about 2 or 3 foot maybe with a small pool at the base. Would have stopped there except there were two piles of neatly folded clothes and my dog really wanted to go check out some nearby bushes.
    We called the dog and continued down the creek, came back a couple of hours later and they were obviously gone. No idea who it was but I hope they got a chance to finish whatever it was they had started.
  16. an indigenous tribe who went by the name 'Super Cunts',    ...quite an interesting day to say the least.
  17. Ran into my Dad out in the woods one time the day after my Mom went on vacation to the Bahamas. I think he was like burying something or something. I can't really remember. 
    Come to think of it, Mom's been on vacation for a while. Maybe I should call her...
  18. In the woods way behind the public biking trails. There's a small building (Maybe 10'x10') with a single window and a door that reads: Government property, trespassers will be prosecuted. There's a camera above the door too but it's poorly placed so its field of vision sucks. When you look in the window there's nothing to see but concrete floor, and a staircase descending underground.
  19. One time in the middle of the woods  I ran into a guy smoking facial cream out of 7-up bottle bong....I took a hit

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