Wierd Things You Eat When High

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Grower91, May 31, 2009.

  1. So I'm sitting here, very high, enjoying my bowl of Vanilla Wafers and glass of Invisible Raspberry Koolaid, and I thought that I should post another post on that thread I made last night when I was even higher but then I realized that real good shit was about eating stuff when you're high. I mean, look at what I'm eating right now - what the fuck kinda combination is that?!?!?!l lol
  2. Fistfuls of almonds, *Orville Redenbaucher's Extra Buttery PopKOARN and Nestea. Maybe I'll hit up the fibre bars after.


    * My sig rofl.
  3. I once dipped deer meat in cake batter..
  4. deep fried hotdogs. HOLY SHIT
  5. ya when im high i eat dog.

    im just kidding im high and im thinking of the chinese restaruant in my town.
  6. last night I got home and made myself a fucking parfait!
    I cut up some bananas and strawberries, got some granola and mango flavored frozen yogurt!
    It was so incredible but very random lol
  7. im sure ive eaten some weird shit in my day but the only thing that sticks out is my very first time getting high, i was really hungry so i wanted some ramen but the only kind my friend had was shrimp (i hate seafood), so i just ate an uncooked brick of ramen noodles. It wasnt really that bad. it tasted pretty good, it was just too dry

  8. Uncooked ramen is good man. high or sober. take that shit camping.
    you got hungry, bam! uncooked ramen, i think it's delicious. I'll even eat it at home, so cheap.

    I was ripped at jack in the box, and I was putting all the sauces on my 99cent burgers, teriyaki and ranch and fucking everything, at the time I thought it was amazing. I look back on it now, I realized it was probably terrible. Oh well. It was exciting.
  9. Those small marshmellows mixed into vanilla custard. OM NOM NOM.
  10. Sooo....lets seee

    I dip strawberries in nutella...pretty normal
    eat banannas

    i think this one takes the cake tho

    I take a fat ass piece of cheese and throw it in a bowl and microwave that shit till it's all gooey and shit and eat it lol....so good!!
  11. whipped cream and strawberry jam sandwich:cool::hello:lol
  12. Anything which can be digested. When i have the munchies i will eat ANYTHING.
  13. bbq fritos with tartar sauce
  14. I once ate raw bacon thinking it was ham. Tastes the same just a bit greasy man i was baked
  15. I usally get a Slice of dairy cheese with some ham in there and just eat it... weird but NICE
  16. Earlier today I cut up some chicken, browned it in a skillet with bell peppers and onions. I fried some potatoes up and threw in some homemade pepper sauce. Queso Cheese Dip, and threw it all on a tortilla..shit was bomb.
  17. doritos dipped in peanut butter and honey
  18. swear to god the best thing to eat is a peanut butter and brown sugar sandwich
    normal sugar works good to tho

  19. i used to eat peanut butter cinimmon and sugar and i make good sandwiches at work, but my buddy used to eat the strangest stuff like cereal with vanilla ice cream, pretzels, topped with a snickers bar and in a mix of milk and cranberry juice.:smoking:

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