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wierd story

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by billy dempsey, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. hahah ok so me and like 2 other people were smokin a bowl in some ally, and then these like 4 college kids came up and were like "FREEZE" and they like were acting like the cops and put us into like a regular car and we sat there for an hour it was funny as shit...and then we were chillin and some dude comes up and was like "DUDE HOW DID YOU OPEN THAT DOOR"
  2. oooh, its just sooo hard not to go THERE!

  3. LMAO!!!! that's so great.
  4. lol..
    sounds like somthin I would do ;)
  5. yeah,ok im lost. kinda got the story but........


  6. your not lost hon, we all just "kinda" got the "story"...
    the difficult part for me has been keeping my mouth shut about it :D


  7. *sees picture in mind of highya coming by this thread repeatedly, beads of sweat on her forehead, hotboxing a cig,*
  8. stop tellin my secrets!
    what are you boys doing here eh? :D

  9. Secrets? Secrets?

    We don' need no steenkin secrets!
  10. its hard to type with all this sweat and hotboxing :p

  11. Keep the ashes outta the keyboard.

    And Cheetos dust.

    It really hurts when it gets in your eyes too.
  12. oooh im watchin the ashes even blowin *edit, ON* the keyboard from time to time...
    wouldnt want to wreck this one :)

  13. I'll bet ya can't eat ice cream over your like I can mine, can ya?

    The keyboards, ........I mean.
  14. bet i could.
    but pie with icecream is better
    now can you do that?

  15. Got no pie.



    I just had some damn good ice cream.

    Wonder what kind it was?
  16. uh-huh :D
  17. Certainly have walked all over Billy's weird story have'nt we?

    Maybe we should quit now?:)
  18. french vanilla?
    personally i like chocolate moosetracks its for kids or some crap, chocolate,carmel and candy oh, an icecream


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