Wierd spiratual thoughts

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Canadian, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. Ok, Im pretty baked right now, smoked a J of dank with 1 other dude. Ok, you know when you heart rates goes up when you smoke....I tihnk like..its like your body is trying to get more blood to the brain to try to get the high away cuz your body isnt really used to it (unless your a seasoned toker) and then you neeed more cuz you brain is getting way used to it and shiet. Personally, I think the body has a mind of its own.....like...crazy shiet happend. Anyhow post up onj the crazy shit you think of when your stoned...
  2. anything and everything, i'll post more whenever i'm not so monged out from earlier.

    Time for a sleep now.
  3. I believe your body is doing exactly what always does. The weed just opens up your brain a little to different feeling on different parts of your body you don't normally feel. For instance, you know when your numb on your finger or something, and you pinch it, it hurts more than when it isn't numb(i mean pinch it harder than normal) and it still stays numb after that. Your brain is just being affected, aside from your lungs. And the carbon dioxide from the burning weed is thus flowing through your blood and your respiratory system. Cool enough, your tolerance is lower and this gives you the inability at this time to understand all this realistic shit, your body won't die from weed..it won't shut down so just chill.. and let your mind explore into areas you've never even thought about.......who ever said it wasn't productive to smoke weed, I believe i "lurned" alot more shit smoking than in school....lol

  4. your heart rate goes up cuz there is not enough oxygen in your blood so your heart has to pump harder and faster to get enough oxygen to your brain.

  5. really I thought your lungs exhale all the carbon dioxide and only take the good shit to your blood.

    where did you go to school dude.

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