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  1. hey hows it goin everyone this is a first post for me on here I have a very odd / annoying problem im wondering if anybody else has any knowledge about and basically what in fuck is happening .. when smoking I take a first hit by just you know hitting it then blow smoke out/exhale and continue to go for and take a few more hits to get high problem is I don't get any higher than that first hit yet because I don't believe im inhaling the rest correctly because of weird sensations in my throat and swallowing air. the problem is swallowing the air I know its a conscious/unconscious thought I make when taking a hit. I believe it is anxiety related in some conciuos form that the smoke scares me and I don't want to cough. the swallowing of air leads to pressure being built up in my chest and causes it to feel hard to take a breath intill you burp. basically just wanted to know if anyone else understands this strange sensation im talking about.

  2. Welcome to GC. have you tried smoking a bong it's pretty hard not to inhale correctly when smoking a bong.
  3. thank you for the thought yes I smoke bongs I actually have a nice basic glass bong with a nice slide I  have not tried smoking it in awhile because ive been smoking different glass pipes.. I know this weird sensation has to be psychologically something I learned to do. I do understand it may be normal to "accidentally" swallow some air when smoking it's just something that causes me to get uncomfortable that I will just have to get over on my own. any other advice or tips on how to inhale more comfortably id appreciate
  4. just take smaller hit's and suck in some air after you remove the piece from your mouth. coughing is bound to happen if you're not a cigarette smoker (and even if you are coughing from weed still happens) i guess you just have to get used to it.
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    Sucking in air along with your marijuana smoke will still get you high. 
    I never understood how people can inhale "incorrectly." If it's in your lungs, it's inhaled correctly. I'm sorry, I can't sympathize with your problem because a newborn baby knows how to inhale, for god's sake. Are you doing something silly like "swallowing" the smoke? That's what it sounds like with your burping thing. Because you're not supposed to swallow the hit....just get it into your lungs. 
    You must be doing something wrong or your weed just isn't that strong. 
    Or maybe you have storage issues and your weed is losing potency, which is why it seems like you have to smoke more to get higher, when in reality it's just your pot getting weaker. 
  6. yeah that is true to I need to remember to take my time and take smaller hits and to remember to breath in air after I take the piece away from my mouth( I tried this after reading somebody else say to do that to and it worked I could feel the smoke in my lungs) and yes I smoke cigarettes to , what do you think about smoking joints - do you hit them like you smoke a cigarette kind of just puffing?
    thank you also deathmade for the response I think what I mean by inhaling incorrectly is just that im not inhaling and the smoke is some how being sucked just down into my throat because when that happens I don't feel it in my lungs. but I do take the first hit or sometimes if im lucky second also and do feel that I got a nice hit and can feel the smoke blowing out of my lungs. that feeling really makes me want to do it again that I almost think I rush myself and try hard to get another nice hit? my weed is positive in strength what im smoking on now is I bought an oz of good typical mid grade the other day (high mids nice chunky nugs) its strange what you say about the storage container because my friend that was at my house the other day couldn't stop stressing about me putting my weed in this peanut jar . i also have a little airtight jar that i use to keep high grade in only about a cut it holds. my weed is for sure dryer than when i first bought it like it crumbles now but the buds are still nice and chunky i have just had it in the sandwhich bag it came in but i double bagged the zip.does how dry your weed is really play that much of a role in how well your hit is and it burns( well duh)? and how much do you guys sit down and smoke at a time just curious. i appreciate ur replies

  7. update after u read these tips and let us know if it works. Welcome to GC  :gc_rocks:
  8. will do live long - I am able to smoke weed but only about a hit or two intill i start getting pissed off because im not getting as nice hits or hitting it as much as i know id like to and that can kinda kill a high. hah i just did take nice hit and im gathering this info you guys are helping me with and its true to suck in air after your hit when your taking away your smoking device like you keep inhaling in your same steady hit except just fresh air at the end of the hit. also the carb hole it plays a big part in whether you get that satisfaction from taking your hit ?
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    yeah remove your finger from the carb on the end of your hit and take a quick breath. and yes i smoke joints like i (used to) smoke cigarettes.
  10. do you just smoke on joints all day? mid or high grade? i was doing that for awhile but cigarettes they are addicting but nasty as hell i uasully would smoke on joints like that when i have mid grade it seemed good for that.. haha everytime i get a couple good hits i don't light up a cig for awhile the weed taste is to good to ruin and i just don't think i like cigarettes when im high like some people seem to.
  11. well i'm not smoking at the moment. but joints was a once in a blue moon thing or when i was smoking with other people. i usually smoked my pipe or my bong and i was smoking on homegrown so i like to think it was high grade :) weed really helped me in kicking the habit of cigarettes. whenever i wanted a cig i smoked a bowl instead and now it's been nearly 2 years since i quit.
  12. Yeah, I've been in your situation once, but I was in a much worse situation lol. It was like my second time hitting a bong, and it was my first bong that I bought. I just happen to buy a 4 perc bong just shy of 2 fucking feet lmao. Go big or go home right? So anyways, I milked it, inhaled into my lungs, and accidentally swallowed a good amount of smoke. Which case, I felt like throwing up and I was high as hell from coughing my lungs out. Not a good day, but got me a great name for my bong.
    Either way, I would take the suggestions of taking smaller hits. I can't handle the heat from bowls well, so I do little inhale puffs into my mouth till I feel it just start to burn, then inhale slowly, but deeply into my lungs with fresh air. Try to avoid accidentally swallowing, because that will lead up to burping like you said. I inhale until I feel it burn, then take my mouth away from the pipe, and inhale with fresh air. It just takes practice and honestly, try not to think about it so much. I feel like I don't even feel the burn much when I smoke with friends because you aren't paying as much attention. So try to watch tv or get your focus elsewhere as you smoke. Good luck to you man.  :smoking:
  13. good for you dude for quitting cigs that's the same mindset ive had recently after smoking hard on buds again i can smoke just like 3 or 4 on good days and make a pack last 2 or 3 days . what kind of seeds did ya use . i used to grow out a lot of mids with my aunt that always turned out good and also grew a female blue dream that id take clones off and keep flowering. random seeds can surprise you sometimes i found out.
  14. thanks man :) you should quit if you're up for it you can save a lot of money and you will feel much better. i grow various auto flowering strains. the last grow was barney's farm pineapple express and spliff seeds dutch blue auto. and yeah i think it's more about the grower than the genetics but that's just my opinion.
  15. haha that's funny venom i actually did the same thing to one time when i was younger i remember out a glass bong.. and you are completely right about not thinking about it and taking the small puffs and also that being with someone or watching tv playing a game you don't notice it as much. the burn from pipe from the heat not having much time to cool off before it enter your lungs made me believe maybe it was just irritating my throat also therefore making me hit it differently for awhile and rushing myself making it worse. im glad you understood my situation. i actually smoked a bowl comfortably 10 min ago because i was on here reading your post and others and was not thinking about what i was doing at the moment.
  16. yeah man i am im working on it even just one a day will be good and a lot better for health as for the buds those strains sound tasty i havnt gotten a chance to try an grow out an auto flower yet id like to as soon as i can get a setup going again.... ive had barneys farm before a few times one dude i know who grows good buds i got a cut off him of something called roadrunner maybe youd like workin with that it was a good autoflower very earthy tasting buds.

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