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Wierd smelling weed (Cologne/Perfume/Citrusy)

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by havesomefun, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. What's up GC, just picked up a qp tonight, and this stuff smells like nothing I've ever smoked. Usually smell is a good thing, but this time it's not the case.
    I can't describe what it exactly is, but it's definitely smells sweet, almost like perfume or cologne. My dealer said that it comes from Cali so they scent it, but he didn't tell me with what, he also said the regs smell like dryer sheets... what the fuck?
    I've been smoking for almost 2 years now, and this is the first time I've come across this. Does anyone have any first hand experience? What I'm basically asking is, is this shit safe to smoke?
  2. Ive smoked the regs that smell like dryer sheets and they taste like em too.

    It probaly isnt too safe to smoke but they really only put a quick spray on it they didnt soak it or anything. Fire it up, you'll live.
  3. i smoked some nasty weed someone sprayed and got me and my brother sick and gave me a killer migrain
  4. im smoking regs that taste like dryer sheets right now! not bad actually

    some weed just has weird smells, i dont know if people scent it, it is a possiblilty tho. i wouldnt worry about it unless the smoke is unusually foul or harsh.

    the smell of mj has puzzled me forever. like its always diff but always the same. what a wonderful plant is all i can say. i want a fat nug of kush just to smell it right now, i mean u can take it away after so i cant smoke it, i just want to smell that fucker.
  5. I've heard of stupid dealers spraying their bud with hair spray and shit, don't know if its true or not.
  6. Thanks for the replies people, going to light up a blunt right now. Will let you know.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if they sprayed cologne in the plants watter supply? lmao. sounds crazy...but that's the only legitamite reason...probably not too healthy. maybe they even spray the cologne on the bud after curing? even more obscure.

  8. Sorry I didn't clarify for any of you guys, but I think what my dealer meant was that since they have to somehow ship it over from the west coat (I live in Pennsylvania), that they spray the bud with a scent or something along those lines so that the smell won't get noticed. Cause when I first opened that zip-lock it didn't smell anything remotely close to weed.

    But anyways, blunt is tasty, like always. So I'm not going to think too much about it, unless I start coughing up blood or something :knock on wood:
  9. I was just looking for an answer to this, I picked up some stuff that smells like incence sticks, or perhaps a really floral aftershave. It doesn't taste too weird, but it smells. Never encountered anything like this before... actually the user above saying he smoked something like dryer sheets

    Well it almost feels like inhaling from the wrong end of a sploof
  10. The dryer sheet smell, etc comes from an attempt to cover the smell while it's being transported. It will not fool the dogs but it covers it enough so people can't smell the bud.
    Most times the scent WILL carry over to the taste.
  11. If OP is still around from 5 years ago, thry stored in cologone bottle to hide the smell. Jusy like a shampoo bottle. You don't smell the liquid through the containers. I have heard stories of people with the infamous dryer sheet bud. Always end with "it sucked."
  12. Bad shipment


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