wierd shit that happend to you in the wilderness

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  1. Have you ever had anything reely fucken wierd happen to you while smoking a spliff in the wilderness, if so do tell...
  2. There is a thread called "weird shit you find in the middle of the woods or something
  3. Yeah, I read it a while back...good thread...but I'm just reely stoned and boured and just curious as to what happend to some peopple whilst chillin in the wilderness
  4. my hair turned into twigs and I damn near thought I was about to become a tree; nearly had a heart attack until I realized I wasn't going to turn into a tree.
  5. well once i walked through the forest near my house and saw a little road i never got to the end of, and that time i went, i was with two of my friends who didnt smoke anything, and out of nowhere some black fuckin' creature appeared and run towards us, i run like a bit** XD what i knew for sure it wasnt a dog.
  6. and yeah, im never going back to that place again. XD
  7. Walking my dog thru the woods and hitting my chillum every now and then. I stopped and noticed a hunter in the woods i was startled at first but i just waved and walked over. Pretty weird that he had seen me for atleast 10 mins and i just noticed him.

    He got really defensive explaining he can hunt there i told him he technically cant but i dont care. Then he started giving me directions home like bitch these are my woods i know where i am.

  8. Lol, that guy sounds like a prick
  9. Me and my buddys did some deliverance shit to some flat landers, i suppose they should be the ones on this thread.
  10. Black bear came up to our tent when we went in to sleep in northern arizona, right after we cooked deer meat and barbecued. The lantern was on outside and all three of us just watched in silence as the bear walked around our tent, sniffing. My buddy had his 357 in his hand, but little the damage that thing can do if this thing mauled on us. It was huge. We put the meat in his car prior to going to bed, and this bear seemed like it wanted to ransack the car. I'll admit, I was scared fucking shitless that night. We couldn't go to sleep because we didn't know if the bear had left or not, the lantern went out. We just kept hearing noises every now and then, sort of a distinct puffing sound. The worst part was our third friend had brought candy and soda inside the tent, we played poker right after our meal inside the tent, we thought the bear might smell something sweet and want it lol. The next morning when we woke up, there were paw prints bigger than my dick all around the tent and our camping area, and our makeshift table was destroyed. We got the fuck of there, fast.
  11. I got pjed by a group of pures once... It was the Mayhem Makers if I'm not mistaken...

    Another time I pked ranger boots!!! But this was a while back...

  12. Fuckin hell man, I'd be scared shitless...here in SA we don't have bears...but we do have lions, leopards, hyenahs, baboons are pretty hectic...I remember once we were chilling in the ngorogoro crater and we got a bit to close to a heard of elephants, the lead bull started to flair his ears and trumpet pretty luod...scariest sound ever up close, then he charged, I fucking shat myself! We ran like shit, but luckely it was just a mock charge...fuck, what a day
  13. Damn,that would have given me a heart attack.
    One time in hawaii,we was drinking Kava and toking bowls out in the boonies,we seen this huge orange ball shoot straight up Into the sky,hung there for about ten seconds then shot straight out of sight,my buddy looked ay me and asked if I saw that? Couldn't explain what it was,but we both saw it,if he hadn't,I'd thought I was trippin bawls.

  14. Holy shit

  15. Haha that's worse than a black bear. At least I knew it was a bear. I don't know what you saw lol
  16. [​IMG]
  17. I got chased by a nun!

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  18. yeah i caught the predator when he was invisibly cloaked infront of me,up he went.
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    I made a thread about this when it happened but me and my buddy went on a walk at our local smoke spot and came back like an hour later and this was on my car.. Sorry for any of those who already saw my post but what the hell.

    And the first thing my friend says to me "when niggas give you they mixtape", I lost it from there haha

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  20. One time I was camping in some woods in the mountains and while walking back to my tent after smoking, found a huge ass drum circle of hippies!

    Rainbow family :)

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