Wierd results over 3 weeks

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by fritobandito, May 19, 2010.

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    Hi I planted some seeds about 3 weeks ago and they have been having some funny results.

    Basically they sprouted and grew for like 1 week and then stopped.
    I am still using the same water that made muddy soil have a pH of 6.5.
    There are 3 plants under two 42W CFLs which are mostly blue (6000K i forget but its teh good one)

    Im just trying to make them strong for growing out doors.

    Also one of the plants looks wierd.

    Plant 1: Stayed small :(

    Plant 2: Big-ish but wierd

    Plant 3: Really small :'(

    please help i thought i was doing a really good job until they stopped growing :(
  2. Pics dont work...
  3. Did the seeds look mature and healthy when you sprouted them? They could just be genetically programed to veg slowly, wait it out for a little bit. If the next node of growth looks natural and healthy keep it :)
  4. i sprouted them in the soil directly so i didnt see them, they are autos so i guess they should be a little slow... but they grew so much for 1 week and then nothing

    but ok... ill wait for a week
  5. Put em outside and if its cold then bring them in...I stick my sprouts out on my deck all day and bring them in at night. They grow quick and are ready for the great outdoors super quick...try it and see how they go...also don't muddy your soil, read up on growing; MJ loves an airy soil...it sounds like you have 2 issues. First your watering too much if the soil is getting muddy and secondly it sounds like it may be getting too compact and impeding root growth which is key at this stage of growth for big plants later down the season.
  6. yeah the idea was to test the soil while (a test sample of muddy soil) to figure out the right pH, then water the actual plants as per normal with that water. Long story short the soil with the seedlings did get muddy by accident and is now dense but i cant do anything about that now... do you thnk putting them outside will make them grow again?
  7. Stick them outside...they are weeds they will grow. Next time read a bit more and make a nice airy soil and you will see them thrive!

    Good luck and grow on!
  8. AHH I came home from work today and my plant looked like this!!!
    What is wrong with it!?!?

    my soil is 1/3 perlite exactly as recommended

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