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  1. okay so I have seen this happen to two different people, myself being one of them. I just think it's wierd, and I was wondering if any of you guys have seen/experienced this before.

    I'll start by telling you what happened the first time.

    Me and two buddies decided to have a little pot party where we just sit up all night long and try and smoke as much weed as possible.

    We bought an ounce and a quarter of some flame, and were planning on killing it all that night (we succeded). So we start out by just smoking bowls out of our random pipes, rolling a few joints, a few blunt papers, then we move up to the bong. After smoking nearly half of our stash we decide to chill out for a little while, eat some food, and watch cheech and chong. I'd go into more detail, but tbh I don't remember a fuckin thing. While watching cheech and chong, we smoked a little more before our hamburgers were ready. My friends girlfriend made us all shitloads of food.. like 3 burgers each and lots and lots of fries. I started to feel sick to my stomach at first, i think i may have had a headache but i don't remember. Anyways, i recal laying my head down on the table unable to handle my high and just sitting there in silence with my eyes closed. Everyone kept asking me if i was alright, and i could just mumble. I don't remember anything else, except waking up a few hours later and just thinking "fuck im going to hurl" and made it to the trashcan and puked my guts out. I felt better and was back smoking in a matter of minutes. You might have about this night before on waytoomany.com, as my friend Patrick posted a story that made it to the front page about that evening.

    Okay, so that was around 2 years ago.. This next incident happened to a buddy of mine last thursday. So I drove over to his house, there were two other guys there, and they were already in the process of smoking some pretty dirt shwag out of a glass pipe. When I joined in, we smoked 2 or 3 bowls before i decided to go to my dealers house (who lived very close by) and buy a gram of dank, since I had 20 bucks to spare.

    So we continue to cheef on the shwagg driving over there, and inside my dealers house as we weighed out the weed. He actually hooked me up with 1.8 grams for 20 bucks, he always has tendency to hook me up fat. So we start passing around two bowls, one with my kind bud and one with the shwaggidy shwag. Then we drove once again to another guys house, too smoke him out just cause he's a badass. We smoked another bowl in his driveway, then he says "Hey you guys wanna take a few hits from my waterfall bong". I'm thinking, "wtf is a waterfall bong", then one of the other guys says "OH YEAH MAN THAT SHIT FUCKS YOU UP SOO BAD". So i'm like, hey im game if it fucks me up really badly :D.

    Turns out he had made a gravity bong using a normal sized plastic coke bottle and water that poured from his waterfall statue in his backyard. He would cut a whole in the bottum of the waterbottle, and made an aluminum foil bowl that would fit right on the top of the bottle (where you drink from normally). Filled the bottle with water, and covered his finger on the hole. Then he put the weed in the bowl, and ignited it, then realeased his finger from the hole on the bottom of the bottle, making all the smoke be pulled down into the bottle. It wasent as hard to clear as a milk jug (no shit), but still quite a task.. if you could clear it you were going to be fucked up.

    I took green on it, first hit I handled rather well.. no coughing or nothing.. I just couldnt hold it in longer than 3 or 4 seconds. Mark held his first one in too. The other guy with us, Michael, started coughing after his hit and had to sit out on the next one.

    The next time it came back around to me.. well i didn't take it so well. I started caughing and had to close my eyes for a few minutes because i was extremly dizzy. Mark was immediatly feeling super stoned after his second hit as well.

    I think it gets to your head like that, because you're going from pretty high to REALLY REALLY FUCKING STONED in a matter of seconds. I snapped back to reality pretty quickly, however, Mark laid his head on the table we were sitting at. We just let him chill for a second, but after 10 minutes or so we started nagging him to get up. We couldn't get any responce from him... The parents of the guys house we were at eventaully came outside and told us that he needs to go home if he can't handle his high.. So we start shacking him trying to wake him up. We got him to say a few words when we shook him and told him we needed to take him home, he said "No dude.. its cool" and laid his head back down. So now the dudes parents were getting impatient and we were really stoned and confused. Then, all of sudden Mark just sits up with extrmely wide eyes. It scared the living shit out of all of us. Without any warning, he puked like a motherfucker all over the table.. We took him home and i havent talked to the dude since then.

    It didn't even dawn on me how similar these instances were until just today.. i mean both times we got so high that we had to lay our heads down and couldn't really communicate with anyone.. then, a bit later, we woke up and immediatly threw up.

    Has this ever happened to any of you guys, or have you seen anything like it? Pretty Wierd
  2. Well, a group of 6 people including me smoked about an ounce in one night in a tiny room that was in the one guys recording studio. The one guy deliberately left his lighter on, I don't know what that was all about. Just the gas coming out, no flame or anything. About 10 minutes after he did that I started feeling sick so I walked outside to get some fresh air then blacked out I guess and woke up with my friend Corey's face right up close to mine asking me if I was alright. I just looked at him, turned my head, and threw up, and after that I was fine. Hasn't happened since then. I found out that my dad got food poisoning from whatever we had for dinner that night, so that could have been it too.
  3. "Im fine, actually I never felt so good... BLLELEEEERRHGHGHGHGHGHH...

    Okay now I never felt so good" :D

    Yeah, idk, people only seem to throw up from weed when they get too high.
  4. i have never understood that, pot always calms my stomach.

  5. You usually just get the spins which induces nausea, its all in your head though, but yeah, normally pot does calm the stomach, in this case its when you've smoked way too much.
  6. one day i hardly ate anything. smoked a ton. got too high. got pressured to smoke more, ate some pot brownies, then puked like 20 minutes later. not a great night
  7. Thats happened to me before. The only thing I can think of, is to eat some food before hand. Everytime I smoke, I now make sure that I have eaten something a bit earlier.
  8. I've had this happen to me......I got so high I puked... it's happen to everyone I know except one person.
  9. never happend to me while only smoking, but drinking and smoking my first few times was a whole different story..
  10. well this weed was some dank ass shit so thats why I puked...

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