Wierd looking splotches on leaves! PICTURES

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    Soil - Happy Frog
    Big one is 60days old
    400w CMH
    18" from lights

    Problem, red splotches on yellowing leaves? the new growth is very healthy and green, and only a few leaves look like this

    Just transplanted momma into a bigger pot with Happy Frog. Before was in homemade soil (perlite, peat moss, EW castings, some soil)

    My tapwater has a ph >8.5 and I didn't know that until like 4 weeks in, now I am adding a little bit of pickle juice (the vinegar in the pickle juice is whats important) to get the water pH to 7.

    Whats up with her?

    Also, my seedlings first leaves are turning a bit yellowish, is that normal?

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  2. don,t use pickle juice use white vinegar and your ph should be 6.5
    i think your having more then one problem
    1. your tap waters ph is to high
    2. your over watering
    3. cal-mag def fix by adding Epsom salt
  3. Youre right inky...

    If I may say so tho - Dont use white vinegar either, use Dolomite Lime.
    Epsom salts are 1/4 tsp per gal of water.

  4. Dolomite Lime will raise the ph he wants to drop it
  5. Fuck, sorry...time for a break !!! :eek:

  6. I have new growth, and I removed all the gnarly leaves.

    The thing is, the new growth's leaves look strange and twisted and skinny.
  7. did you try flushing you do have a ph issue flush with water ph,ed to 6.3-6.8
    6.5 is best

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