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wierd experience, your thoughts?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iTOKE719, May 12, 2010.

  1. so i've taken acid twice ever and it was in one day about two weeks ago and it wasn't what i had always thought it was gonna be like but i still felt on another level intellectually but wasn't getting a whole lot of visuals. I also have been smoking everyday for about half a year so yesterday i purchased a bong which i'm not that use to smoking, we usually roll up some nice blunts but we went and picked up a sack today and ripped a few bowls on it and i was trippin.. not only was i the only one of four people who had taken acid before but my body was going crazy and my eyes started to make everything spin and the room was even warped i don't wana say the acid was still in my system but to me it was definitly not the same high from smoking mj so i was wondering if anyone else had this experience? im also not really complaining though haha
  2. ive heard of flashbacks when using lsd, but i think its pretty rare.
  3. this is not an uncommon experience. What's really happening is your acid trips brought you to new levels of awareness, and were associated with both perceptual and physical impressions. It may be, for practical reasons or physical reasons, something you cannot sustain in and of itself. Therein, your common sacrament of spiritual and life power, your habitual mmj, is, maybe by your own desire, conscious or unconscious, used to propel you back to that level of awareness. All it takes to return there, in part, is the memory, sometimes the perceptual and physical cues, associated with that psychedelic awareness of life and life layers. If you want to avoid such an experience, you've got to face the specifics of both your acid trip and your cannabis useage, which I do not know of, so I can't tell you much.

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