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  1. has anyone seen widespread panic live. i saw them last month and the show kicked ass. a lot of good bands come around here including acoustic syndicate widespread and leftover salmon. anyway if you get the chance to see widspread it is one night of music you will never forget.
  2. ok i will
  3. i've been to a couple panic shows myself. i agree they are memorable evenings! go to www.nugs.net or www.gdlive.com and you'll find some live panic. they are excellent live, and studio albums do not give this band justice. did you manage to see them before houser passed away or was this your first show?

    i have a secret crush on dave schools, their bassist. schools plays w/ gov't mule quite a bit, who is another awesome jamband (check 'em out, warren haynes is the best guitarist!).

  4. no i saw them after houser died but hey i think they can still play mean music its just the guitar solos arent what they used to be. but yeah their bassist is awsome. they are just a great band in general and live especially high they are amazing. also gov't mule is great and another band that i just saw live acoustic syndicate was better than i thought. if any of theese bands play live anywhere remotely near you i encourage everyone to go see them
  5. About five years ago, I saw Widespread in Birmingham, AL at The Oak Park Ampitheatre. First of all , let me say that I had taken some paper and a gel cap. All was going great , until the drunk asshole standing beside me told me to go get him a beer. He was pretty big, so I didn't say anything. I just ignored him, and kept dancing. Well after their first set, during the break, him and his two buddies started talking about how they liked to come to these events and beat people up. To make the long story short, these three guys whipped out their penises and started pissing on the people in front of them. After they did that I moved somewhere else but the rest of the show was basically ruined for me.
  6. damn that would appall me, i've been to a good bit of shows the only thing is the drunk masses piss me off especially when im tryin to have a good trip. The last concert i went to this piss ass drunk dude got his foot stuck in a seat for like 20 minutes, i couldn't help but laugh.
  7. yeah they ae comeing here soon. like 3 hours away and i have to go see them cuz they are really good. i saw one concert by panic on tv and it was pretty goddamn good././/

  8. hey man where are they gonna be and when ill come with you.
  9. wow i didn't know they're touring again already, they usually wait until spring??

    you're lucky it must be an unofficial thang because i just went everywhere looking for information on tour dates ~ nothing. when and where? not in california (i wish)?!!?!

    it'd be nice to see them again. luckily i did see them before houser died but they do pretty well without him as well so you won't be disappointed.

    as for the drunk crowd, yeah i've had a WHOLE BEER spilt on my skirt/backside so when i would sit it'd seep through my skirt and everything. fuckin guy was just like "what?" when i bitched at him. like OH OK it's ok to spill an entire beer on someone and NOT APOLOGIZE. ass.

    but usually the majority of the crowd is in good spirits, if you have an asshole near you, you can usually move as most of their concerts are gen adm.
    sorry, i'm stoned and babbling again. *foot in mouth*
  10. yeah man when i went there was this fat ass drunk guy like flailing around and he had cleared out everyone within a five feet radius cause he was jumping around so much and you would try to get by him and he was like dont mess with me just get in the back i wont be forced to do anything. so my friends and i pushed back the asshole and went to the front row. and yeah i live in sc and they tour around here all the time. and i cant wait to go to one of the free concerts in athens.
  11. when are they in athens. let me know

  12. I saw them in oregon when visiting an old highschool friend., damn good show
  13. You live in athens? I'm in augusta, about 1 1/2 hours away. That should mean you went to the Light fuse free concert. Probably best concert i've been to, I was up towards the front havin the time of my life(mushrooms). But anyway, I'm goin to the 4/29 show in Savannah. Look for me if you want mushies! haha....
  14. nah man im from south carolina. next one im going to is charlotte. its gonna be a great day
  15. Where in S.C.? I'm about an hour away from columbia.
  16. well close to it about 20 minutes away
  17. Yea thats not too far from here,i'm about 7 minutes from the Ga-Sc border. I meet a friend in Columbia that grows G13/haze every once in awhile. O yea i just found out me and my dad are flyin to Colorado to see Panic at Red rocks in June, thats gonna be a fun Trip.

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