Widespread weakening of the human mind

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    In the body, a parasite, which works against the body's well-being, is actually fed by that body, because it sets off chemical reactions that invoke the body to feed it, at its own detriment. This same sort of thing is occurring to the human race at large, at both a societal and global scale. People are driven by fear. They fear things that those at the head of society, including their very own elected officials, are responsible for. They are driven by guilt. This guilt is caused by the very same political and religious institutions. They are made to feel guilty about their sexual desires, as well as their desires to alter their consciousness. Both of these things are perfectly natural desires, and have been present within humanity for the entirety of our existence. The people become consumed by these emotions, and the majority of their biological energy is used in maintaining these undesirable mental states. This leaves them weak and vulnerable. From the perspective of the ruling class, it is advantageous for us to be in this weakened mental state. This is because when we are in that state, we feel helpless. We feel that there is nothing we can do. When we feel like this, we simply allow those in charge to do what they will. Even if their decisions are causing society to fall apart at its seams, we still just sit back and allow them to do what they do.

    You see, this weakened mental state quite literally results in a psychosis, or insanity. Rational thought becomes impossible, and the human being is reduced to little more than a model of irrational reactionary behavior. Their decisions and thought-processes are driven almost exclusively by fear and paranoia. They create an endless sea of enemies, and are left to fight among themselves. There is a lot of name-calling, and playing of the blame game. Noone is willing to get to the root of these problems, so they argue ferociously over trivial details that will make almost no difference to anything. Eventually it becomes very clear that every mainstream position will do very little to enact change, and the argument becomes something like "Listen to me, and things will be slightly less terrible." People will then proceed to give these men their absolute devotion, all in pursuit of the glorious goal of something slightly less terrible. This is absolutely and undeniably psychotic behavior, and if you pay any attention at all you will clearly see that the majority of the people act in ways that make little sense. This is an incredibly widespread psychosis, but it is not recognized because the majority of the population is affected by it!

    This insanity is not the natural state of a human being. We are much more than this, and we deserve much more than this. Change starts with you, the individual. Do not succumb to fear-tactics. Do not allow yourself to feel guilty for things that there is no reason to feel guilty about. Do not feel an obligation to a system that does more to harm you and your fellow man than it does to help you. The time for change is now, and it all starts with the freeing of your mind.
  2. Agreed. But if they're not thinking rationally, then most of them won't take the time to read this post. Those that do, most of them won't take enough from it to make the change. Those that do, are they really that fearful?

    So how can we reach those who are so frightened that they can't think clearly?
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    I'm not sure we can or are supposed to worry about it either.

    I can spend a lot of time looking at and then writing about these kind of issues, as Journey does. I love the way he puts things and if they were being read by people unfamiliar with these concepts, but with an open mind, could make a difference, as could anything that contains the truth. But the pertinent words are open mind. Fear keeps people closed and afraid. In order to open the mind of a fearful closed-minded person, you have to do or say something so unexpected that it 'wobbles' them out of their stupor, even if it's only temporarily. But the predominant level of fear being how it is, coupled with the media constantly reinforcing it, stops there being any real difference. Besides, I'm really more concerned about when my pizza is due as I want it here before the game starts!

    People have to choose change, think differently, open to the possibility that there is more to life than they currently see. And unless and until they do, all we as individuals need to do is simply work upon ourselves without having to accept that we must change the people around us at the same time. Just by merely working on ourselves we can't help make a difference to those around us, near us, and anyone else we come into contact with.

    Be the change you wish to see in the world.
  4. Ignorance is bliss my friends.. It's hard sometimes, but it's scary just how true that statement is. But only in certain circumstances.
  5. I don't think we're supposed to do anything, honestly. We definitely can worry about it though. However, if we 'wobble' people, there's also the risk of closing them off for good. Wobbling is very risky, and before I would take the opportunity to do so, I would have to first ask myself: "Is this person so bad off that the only option I have is to take the chance of causing them to shut down?" Sometimes it's better to just wait for another day and another opportunity.

    But I don't believe waiting for the opportunity helps, either, because opportunities rarely present themselves. And this is where the real difficulty lies, I think: When trying to help someone else become happier by seeing why they're unhappy, what is the proper method?

    As I wrote that I returned to the old idea that everybody's different, and so everybody must need a different way of being shown. I guess that's the answer? That there is no answer, you just have to judge it for each individual? I posed it as a question because I'm not sure at all, these are just my thoughts as I go.
  6. Ignorance does not stimulate growth. Is the bliss of ignorance greater than the joy of growing?
  7. Well like I said, certain circumstances. Mainly when referring to others beliefs/lifestyles. I enjoy growth, but I think ignorance to others differences is a good route to go.. that's just my opinion though. Focusing on indifference can cause I less than blissful state IMO.
  8. Aha okay, I'll give you that.
  9. Suffering is growth and
    You are lucky. The others aren't.

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