Widespread Riots In Turkey

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  1. It all started because the government wanted to demolish a park to build a new shopping centre, this picture sums up the events so far. The Turkish goverment has blocked Facebook and Twitter a couple hours ago, but most people seem to be using VPNs and Tor to get around the attempted censorship.

  2. i wish the best to the turkish people so that they can overcome a totalitarianist government.
    all of that gov't violence over a sit in at a park? jesus. i hope the whole country protests.
  3. Either you are with The State or you're a terrorist.
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    The situation is really absurd for the last 2 years. Government controls evrrythung here including judgement system, cops, military and all media. You can't wa T ch current ongoing issues on tv as media don't publish them.

    There is more then 5000 people in jail without any actual case against them.

    Secular Turkey is dissapearing each other day and turning into Iran.

    We were trying to be patient but lately government is pushing the limits. Alcohol has been banned after 10pm in Turkey.

    The cop attack against people on Taksim is just the thing that break the final barrier.


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    It's sad to say that it's not only your government blacking these events out, I haven't seen a single shred of information on the US Mainstream media. I've been getting all my information solely from social media and Al Jazeera. Good luck brother and stay safe!
  6. its to bad they dont have weapons to defend themselfs.. also to bad those crowds dont just overpower police.
  7. Yeah man that shit is fucked
    I see the future of America in these pics
    I wish the best for the Turkish People !!

    How can the police think their job is worth what they are doing

    Perfect proof of what happens when the people are disarmed
  8. We don't need guns to defend ourself , freedom can't be achieved with violance and guns.

    Tyrkish people is just trying to defend that's all...

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  9. And trust me we will win without any violance.

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    It seems kind of hard to over power police when people are getting hit in the face with tear gas grenades and what not..
  11. IMO I find your comment repulsive and I almost puked in my mouth

    The government wouldn't spark violence if they feared the violence would effect them
  12. A successful nonviolent revolution is commendable but extremely rare. Just look at Egypt right now, they replaced one despot with another. The same military commanders are in charge and the country is even worse shape. 
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    There is huge difference within Turkey and other islamic countries. Turkey has been a secular country close to a decade now.
    Actually Turkey is on the edge of a very different revolution. I think Turkey is on the edge of becoming a real European Country.
    Both military and religious rule period is on the end and Turkish people realised how important their democracy was. We will not let it go again...
    Last 72 hour will be revolutionary for Turkey...
  14. I'm sure the people of Turkey will find a better candidate during their next election.
  15. Fixed it for ya.
  16. Good, I'm Glad.
    I love seeing this "Order" being dismantled across the globe, europe in particular. The Europeans, the Greeks, Italians, Turkish, even the Egyptians, those people are way ahead of the game. You're seeing the very beginning of the political awakening/global revolution taking place. Enjoy it.
    Continue to wake people up and spread the word. We're winning.
  17. 40,000+ marching to the capital.
    Good for you guys, don't let oppression cripple your freedom.
  18. [​IMG]
    Fuuuuucked up!
  19. Has John McCain called for arming the protesters yet?

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