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  1. Ok here's the deal, I was on the road yesterday listening to the radio and burning down the interstate, i.e. driving 65 mph and burning a J. Found a great radio station out of Mobile Alabama, 92 zoo. I heard a great song that I love and the Dj said that it was Widespread Panic. I was like Oh Shit so that's who WP is. I listen to the radio and very seldom buy or listening to CD's so I never connect the music I hear to which artist or album it is. Case in point, Led Zepplin. I love Zep and they are my favorite. But if you ask me to name 5 of their songs, I can't tell you their names, what albums, or what songs are on what album.

    So here's my question, I now want to add WP to my very limited list of CD's but I have no idea which CD to buy. So please help and old stoned-out man by giving me some suggestions. Ganja, I place my trust in you and phishhead to steer me in the right direction.
  2. BPP I am sure Phishhead will have a good reccomendation. We saw their concert a couple weeks ago and it was EXCELLENT. Phishhead even went again, the next night. That band sure has a following!

    I will let him know to come 'round here & let you know what albums are good. I always just listen to whatever he puts in the CD player (like your Led Zep analogy, I know all the songs but couldn't name 5 if ya asked me! LOL)

  3. BPP, get this cd "Live In the Classic City" It's 3 discs so you it might be a little more pricey but it's REALLY worth it. It's one of the best live disc that I've heard that you can actually buy. Lots of special guests including Col. Bruce Chesnut, Derek Trucks, and a quite a few others. If I had it my way it wouldn't leave the cd player in car but I like having some variety and I get in trouble if I deprive Ganja of her Zeppelin and Tenacious D :p BPP, if they go on tour next year (it all depends on the health of Mikey their guitar player) I'd really suggest going, you'll have one hell of a time.

    "Well, we got a party goin' on many spirts strong."

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  4. Thanks for the info. I'll try to pick it up but my music choices are limited to a Wal Mart and a tiny Sam Goody store.
  5. Phishhead, I picked it up at the Sam Goodys. $26 for the 3 cds, I hope its good. They had 6 copies and it was their only WP title in the rack. Wal Mart didn't have any WP cd's.


    BTW Phishhead, when are you going to get our sweet little girl, Ganja, a wedding ring? Don't let anything hold you back, go on an have a quick and private ceremony. I lived with my wife for a while before we got married and the relationship is better then ever after we got married. Trust an old man on this one. If you love her now it will be better after you get married.

  6. I hope you like it BPP. The first 2 songs set the mood for the whole cd, Action Man into Chilly Water, I love it. If you like that one I can give you some other things to get, mostly studio though, they just don't do them justice though live is always better. Oh don't worry the time will be soon when she has that ring. Honestly only thing holding me back is money. I'd marry Ganja in a heartbeat if money wasn't an issue. I want to do it right and make her happy. Just want to give her everything she's wanted and more. I love that girl :)

  7. Phishhead, I like the CD but at three cds its kinda long for my short amount of time to listen. I still don't think I listened to all three completely through yet. What are some of the other tracks that are good. I really love the ong "Lilly".

    What are the studio albums? My wife doesn't like "live albums" she would rather see them in person than hear it recorded in concert.

  8. Hey BBP Chilly Water, One Arm Steve, Ride Me High, Time is Free w/ Col Bruce Hampton(personal favorite), Hatfield, Stop and Go, Red Hot Mama. Some of those just stick out in my mind of being some good ones off that disk. I can recommend you some of their studio cds. I just don't think it does them justice (though they are really good), Don't Tell The Band, Everyday is a really good one, and Space Wrangler. Hope that helps ya out.
  9. Hi guys and gals.
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