widespread panic

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by weedeater, Nov 14, 2002.

  1. last night i went to a widespread panic concert in my city. i live in the south and they are a pretty big deal around here. if you havent heard of them i suggest you download either tall boy or dyin' man off kazza they are kick ass songs. well anyway it was the best concert i have ever been to, tons of stoned hippies just dancing and smoking weed right in the middle of everyone, the air was filled with a haze so thick you could hardly see the band and tons of hot girls that i know taking of their bras and throwing them onstage and then flashing the band. It was so fucking awsome plus like 30 people i knew were there and we were third row center. it was amazing well anyway to the story. me and a couple other people wnet to the park to get stoned before the concert and then on our way to the concert my bud stops and says oh shit i put my ticket in the pocket with a hole in it. and we were stoned off our asses so we were freaking out. we tried to cross the street to get back to my car and almost got hit about five times and the whole time my bud is saying this is just a bad dream over and over. then we went to my car to drive back to his house to find his ticket and on the way back who do we see but his dad. we were so stoned and scared shitless thankfully he didnt notice us but we still didnt find my buds ticket so i offered to loan him money to buy a new one and we were on our way back to the concert. when we finally got in it fucking rocked and i am still deaf. well keep smoking. later
  2. yeah, I heard they were awseome live, I downloaded their cover of 'lowrider' a while ago. Good shit ;)

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