Widespread Panic set on mp3 from the Bonarroo Festival

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  1. http://nugs.net/wsp/02bonnaroo_mp3.asp

    Hot damn!! What more can I say? I really wish Ganjaphish and I would have been able to go to this. This Panic set is a smokin' show! The Tall Boy>Testify>Tall Boy w/ the Dottie Peoples and the People's Choice Choir has to one of the most soulful ass shakin' series of tunes that I've heard in a long time!! Stevie Winwood on Vacation is also another treat. A little over 3 hours of some jammin tunes from the boys from Georgia.
  2. I will back him up on this~ it is an excellent set! Widespread Panic in perfect form, once again. Also, the new 3-cd live set that was recently released, rocks as well :)
  3. Hey man, I was at Bonaroo and WP totally rocked. They seemed as if they were having more fun jamming up there then we were down in the crowd. I absolutley loved it. I was just sitting here puffing earlier, thinking that it would be great if they released a live from bonaroo cd or someting. I have been looking all over the net for info, but there is nothing after the festival was over. If you know anywhere, please let me know. Thanks :)
    "gratefully" yours,
  4. Thanks, That was pretty cool. I will definitly buy any cd that comes out. Thanks again :)
  5. Hi guys and gals.
    Sean Dugas here. I'm a reporter with the Pensacola News Journal in Pensacola, and I'll be at the Wharf all weekend long covering Panic.
    I'll be shooting photos, video and using Twitter at (panic2009wharf) to get everyone the latest and greatest from the lot and the show.
    Follow all the news at PNJ.com/panic or follow me on Twitter for quick hit updates.
    Got some news? Come find me; I'd love to see ya.
    This will be my third year in Orange Beach, and I know it's gonna be a wild-good time.
    Anything you folks would like to see in this weekend's coverage?
    Have a good one.


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