Wickie Pipes are thieves and scumbags

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  1. I recently tried to buy an "all in one" pipe from Wickie Pipes through their website. After never getting my pipe and having my account show that the item is STILL PROCESSING, I tried to contact this company through their site, only to get no reply. I then tried calling their Customer Service line, only to get an answering machine. Much later this guy calls me and gives me some story about upgrading their computer system. He promised to ship my pipe in 2 days and said that he was shipping it Priority Mail, to make up for the ridiculous delay, and guaranteed my order would reach me that coming Tuesday. The pipe was NEVER shipped. Now I have been Emailing them to get my money back, as I found the same pipe on Ebay for HALF THE PRICE! (It's coming from the UK and will be here tomorrow).  I continue writing and calling these jerks and get no replies or return phone calls. Now my account is no longer available to me. It seems that they have blocked me. I think that this is considered internet fraud and mail fraud. I'm out $40.
       Has anyone else had problems with these lowlifes. Does anyone know who to contact to press charges or just report this fraud and theft of my money? This is the first time in 30 years, of buying through the mail, that I have had a problem like this. I'm at my wit's end, I need help.

  2. Order off of established sites.........

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