wicked sands 14' beaker 10tree perc

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    Just picked up this new piece. It's a Wicked Sands "tiny" 14", beaker bottom w/ 10-arm tree perc, splashguard and diffuser. At first i didn't think i was going to like it because its such a small tube, but theres literally zero drag and it gets me so highhh.



  2. Hey post sum pics
  3. nice. i didnt know ws made tinys with splash guards. pics and milk plzz
  4. Nice! I want to pick up a WS for my next perc'd tube purchase.
  5. Looks nice man; I've been thinking up picking up a 10arm WS for a while but keep getting other glass instead. :rolleyes:
  6. haahah i here you defiantly glad i picked this baby up though
  7. How much did this cost dude? I think I saw this at a head shop for $250.. was that how much you paid?
  8. 3 bills to pgrade to the diffusor and get a new bowl
  9. I have the same exact one dude. It hits so good definitely best thing i have smoked out of. I paid 225 for mine and he threw in a matching diffused downstem and slide
  10. i LOVE smaller pieces. if this was a straight tube it would be #1!!
  11. clean WS beaker you got there :smoking:
  12. went to buy a straight tube initially it doesnt hit like a beaker bottom though b/c its so small.
  13. nah its a good thing its beaker bottom. if it was straight tube you would only be able to take bitch hits.
  14. Thats a super packed bowl. I like it and your set up is phat.

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