wicked ol' witch soon to be ex landlord is a miserable old hag! warning:rant

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    Yeah so I live in this house with this extremely cheap old 420 mean couple(moved here in a rush). This morning I get out of the shower and lady bitch over here starts yelling my name out again(she's always bitching about one thing or another). She tells me I broke her microwave handle and shes pissed. Fuck that. These people leave ancient fucking things lying around the house so that when their million and half tenants break something they can pin it on them and make them buy em new shit. Fuck that, I told that miserable old hag that microwave was like 15 years old and it was bound to break anyway. Fuck her. God damn I can't wait to move outta here(last month here).

    And grasscity, I don't want to be mean like this. I've tried every possible way to be nice to these people, tip-toeing around their grumpy asses and I've had enough. these fucking people are just so goddamn miserable because they made invesstment mistakes before the market crashed and lost about a million dollars. So now they only have about a million, oh no they're just millionaires and not multi-millionaires guess life is tough for them. Mother fuckers need to enjoy their lives damn...

  2. that sucks dude, I find it funny that people can flip the fuck out over little shit like a broken microwave handle...I mean what the fuck? Some people are just ridiculous.
  3. Yeah man. And the best part is it's not even entirely broken. You know how theres a top and bottom part that are connected to the microwave? only the bottom part snapped off but you can just snap it back in the microwave, and if your careful with it it still works. Fuck that fucking bitch I wish I had her voodoo doll!
  4. Yeah I know right! She's lucky she's not my last roommate. I used to party like a rockstar with this dude right. And one time Me and some people were so fucking drunk we accidently broke his bedroom door. He was soo cool about it though he just took it as the risks you take for partying hard :smoke:
  5. haha you're pretty pissed about this huh :devious: it's cool man I understand, I used to live in a big house with about 10 other people, all college students. Let me tell you, shit got broken on a regular basis, trash was left out, dishes weren't done, cleaning never happened. The worst part was that I was probably the only person that cared so I had to take care of most of that stuff, they were all my friends and although I would bring it up I would never get pissed at them for it.
  6. yeah man because this is part of the risks landlords accept. They get paid monthly for us to live there. That money is not all for vegas trips and stripclub nights only. It also covers possible minor damages the tenants might make. You cant just get paid, do nothing, and expect everything to go perfect,, there has to be a catch.

    IF this woman sues me I hope she does, she'll get max 20 bucks for that piece of shit. I also hope her husband comes at me about this shit. I've been waiting for a good reason to give that fucker a pieceof my mind. People tell me not to stoop to their level. But I say I'm not stooping to their level, I'm putting them in their place. For if I don't do my duty to put them in their place, they will think it's okay to just talk to everyone like that and they need to know if this shit riles them up they need not rent out rooms.

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