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Wichita Kansas prices

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kyd75, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. What are you guys getting it for around Wichita Kansas? I just wanna see if I'm getting ripped off. A friend of mine was getting it way cheaper up north, but I know it varies a lot by location. I just wanna make sure his price wasn't closer to the average around here than what I'm getting.
  2. Yeah all bout location I was in Michigan getting 1/8 of Dank for around 35-45 bucks, now I'm in Canada getting same quality but I can get a oz for 130-140 here, if your in non medical state I would not pay more then 50-55 a 1/8 .
  3. i live in minnesota 20 bucks a gram and 60 for an eigth 100-120 for a quarter.
  4. Really? Is that good stuff though?
  5. What are your prices going for and can u post any pics by chance? I'm curious about Kansas buds
  6. lol. 130-140 oz where the fuck do you grow in Canada? Isn't it covered with snow 24/7?
  7. I don't grow. .. :confused:
  8. Do it indoors bro. Sun lamps and electric heating.
  9. I don't sell, if that's what you're asking. Prices really vary, but I've got a friend who gets 1/8 of good shit for $40

  10. $40 a 1/8th would be a good price for almost anywhere in the us(besides medical states).
  11. Yeah, I wouldn't hesitate to get some of it if I get the chance.
  12. 20 a g
    50-65 an eighth
    90-125 a q
    160-200 a half
    315-360 a o
    1100-1200 a cutie
    2100-2300 hp

    For home grown/ co. Bud
  13. So is this what you buy for in Wichita? Or sell for?
  14. [quote name='"Kyd75"']

    So is this what you buy for in Wichita? Or sell for?[/quote]
    Double post
  15. [quote name='"Kyd75"']

    So is this what you buy for in Wichita? Or sell for?[/quote]

    Those are prices my friends have told me what theyve been paying for the good
  16. Yeah, that's what I've been paying.
  17. damn 1100-1200 for a qp...I am snagging one for 1000 :D
  18. First post. I lurk a lot though.
    Southeast Idaho
    1/8 $50
    Quarter $85
    Half o $150
    This is all for dank.
    And I personally can get an o of some danker than usual stuff for $260
  19. That's pretty good. And don't worry about it xD everyone had to have a first post at some point
  20. i live in southwest kansas, prices

    0.5- $10
    1.0- $20
    3.5- $50
    7.0- $90

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