wichita headshops with any roor or illedelph

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  1. wichita kansas,
    anyone know if o'rionz or mystic planet even carries those, or if there are any other headshops that have em.

    im wantin to get one for this summer :smoking:
  2. anyone on here even from wichita?
  3. yo i live in kansas i live in Johnson County, Shanwee KS im about a halfn n hour from wichita or 45 mintuess...but srry i cant answer yer question there...
  4. lol
    its all good, at least there's someone from kansas here haha
  5. ...........
  6. yo do u get good bud hookups like major dank? do u get yer weed in like bud form or like all compacted and compressed?
  7. lol
    all i buy is dank shit, if its not good i wont buy it
    but its kinda hard to find some dank if you dont got the hook ups
  8. Orion'z Outer Limits
    (316) 269-1167
    1602 S Seneca St, Wichita, KS 67213

    I am not from kansas I just googled it for you.
  9. yeah but they dont have roor or illedelph
  10. damn then idk.

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