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  1. going to oder some new growing media now as stuff i got to hot killing my plants so befor i oder any and fuck up agen i thort ad ask expert advice lol so wich be best growing media hears 3 links to what i looking at wanting so;5hing that will keep them; good from first germinashion up to first feed litroly want so;ething just sling the germanated seeds in and no they be ok in it

    Canna Coco Natural 10 25 50 Litre Coir Growing Medium Bag Hydroponics

    and last link has cujple bio ;ox opshions
    BIOBIZZ Worm-Humus, All Mix, Light Mix & Coco Mix Hydroponic Growing Media Soil | eBay
  2. I like Promix BX. If I want any other fertilizer ect in it, I put it in myself. But for simply germinating, this is good stuff. It has both Calcitic/Dolomitic Lime, and Mycorrizae. It's a Light mix. Not Heavy.

    If you use organic fert with it, you would also need extra lime. The BX is fine for both Cuttings, Seedlings, and Full Grown plants.

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