Wiccan followers?

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  1. hullo all!

    jus looking for any fellow followers of the Wiccan faith. I'd love to talk with anyone either practicing or open to the beliefs.
    there prolly aren't many of you....

    blessed be,
    A. R.
  2. Blessed Be )0( Im a fellow follower
  3. Like 7 Wicca threads all started on the same day by seperate new accounts

    Are you guys casting a spell.or something?

  4. [​IMG]
  5. What if we are? Lol jk
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    Wicca wicca lika lighta flicka thread blowin up lika hemp wick system.
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    This shit is becoming Wicca-pedia

    Except none of it is useful
  8. wicca wicca chicken dinna
  9. So what makes Wicca unique? From a few Google links, my understanding is that it's a polytheist religion that worships multiple gods and non-gods. They believe in magic and witchcraft. It's that a fair description? And of course there's morals that they like to follow, just like other religions, but nothing I see that is monopolized by Wicca. Forgive my ignorance, but what is Wiccan/ what do they believe?

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  10. you are pretty much spot on.

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  12. Hey gang, new to the forum. Blessed be! Been Wiccan 30+ years! Merry meet!

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