Why's my feminished plant trying to flower in early May ?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Smell it 101, May 23, 2019.

  1. What would cause this and will they continue to veg as days keep getting longer ? Can high phosphorous cause this ?
  2. autoflowers?
  3. I was assured by the seed bank they are not auto flower. There's a lot pistols appearing at the tops
  4. Days are probably to short would be my guess, depending on your location. Did you have them inside first? Sometimes when you drop the light schedule hours down from inside to outside light schedule they can start to flower. Has happened to me before. Theyll go back into veg but theyll lose valuable growing time making the switch. Next time, supplement light or plant a little later when the days are longer.
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  5. It really weird though I set everything out the same time and not all of them are doing it. One Genehtik Kritikal Bilbo and a couple original sensible GG4 I didn’t set them out Till early April and the Bilbo was right at 4’ when it showing signs. Thanks for the info I couldn’t find anything anywhere that addresses it. I’ll just hope they reveg
  6. To drastic a light change, April is to early. I've found only June and July are actually good for vegging outside and even that needs plants time matched at 15-9 or 16-8.

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  7. That particular plant wasn't satisfied with the daylight hours.
    It will reveg.
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  8. BNW & Ronhip are right! Too early!! Not all strains will flower early then reveg but some definitely will next year wait till end of May to put outside

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