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Why's it weird I don't smoke cigarettes?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CyclicDreams, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I smoked a bowl with my friend, and after it was cashed she passed a cigarette. I passed it back and said I don't smoke tobacco and packed another bowl. Who's with me on passing up cigarettes and just smoking herb?

    I've been there with cigarettes and had my fair share with tobacco trust me. I worked construction and landscaping the past 2 years and let me say, people blaze up like no other job but I've never met more people that smoke cigarettes too.. I'm 20 and have smoked quite a bit of tobacco in my past, but I don't anymore. I love weed, and I'm glad I don't smoke tobacco. Is it weird I don't enjoy nicotine? I just don't enjoy that buzz at all...Even if nicotine is physically addictive, I'm more infatuated and only stick with weed...Fuck tobacco, smoke herb.
  2. Why is it weird? I read all that and I still dont know.
  3. Did she think it was weird?

    I personally wouldn't give two shits either way, not like she is going to turn your life around if you suddenly pick up the habit.:cool:
  4. Nah its not weird, I don't really smoke tobacco either except for black and milds
  5. Nothing weird about it.
    I used to smoke 2+ packs a day. I haven't smoked in 4 years.
    I eventually just lost the taste for it.

    Come to think of it. I quit smoking the day i started growing, Or pretty soon after. I wonder if there is any corolation. Hmmmmmm.

    Puff Puff Pass
  6. My point is she thought it was weird I don't smoke cigarettes. I smoke herb and that's it, not cigarettes or tobacco. That seems so weird to people, as they pass cigarettes like they automatically think/know I smoke tobacco.
  7. Why do you care?:cool:
  8. Because I don't smoke tobacco, I smoke weed...
  9. Most people I chill with this cigarettes are disgusting.
  10. Not weird
    No correlation between the two
  11. I'm an on and off cigarette smoker. I can truly start and stop when I please.
  12. And...Why does it bother you when someone offers you a cig, you turn it down, and they get weird about it?

    I have a saying when people start buggin' me about shit..."Amount of fucks given, not one.":cool:
  13. Cigs is awful.
  14. lots of people smoke, lots of people don't. it's not that strange. hell it's the healthier choice of the two to smoke weed so whatever lol.
  15. I don't find that weird at all, some people don't smoke. I find it weird when non-smokers make a problem over others smoking. Just mind your own.
  16. I see where you're coming from, I don't get weird about it at all (obviously..I pack another bowl always). I just don't get why people expect or get weird that I don't smoke tobacco anymore...OscarZetaAcosta, I've seen you on many threads on here're a cool guy, no diss meant to give, seriously.

    Nobody gives a fuck, lol I realize that man.
  17. #17 OscarZetaAcosta, Nov 22, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 22, 2011

    You have to try really, really hard to get anywhere near 'dissing' me, chief...No worries.

    I was just curious.

    I added another green bar to someone, I feel so proud.:cool:
  18. Thanks bro, I appreciate it. I will see you around GC :).

  19. Most people around where I live frown upon cigarettes but not weed lol... I smoke stoges like a fiend tho
  20. Na its alright man do you, fuck what others say its just a cigarette you either like it or hate it.
    In my experience i hate smoking a cig when im sobber imma have to be mad high or drunk to truly enjoy it.
    Just keep seshing and live to impress urself bro.

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