Why'd you get into rap/hip-hop?

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  1. I was just wondering, for everyone who likes rap out there, how'd you get into it? And what's your ethnicity (just for curiosity). I'm as white as can be (besides some German background, that's about it). I just wanted to start this thread, because i'm drunk and i was thinking back to the days when i used to hate rap. I grew up in the ghetto of Akron, and used to hate the "thug-balling" bullshit. I was more into punk music and stuff like that.
    I still love punk music, ska, jazz, rock, metal, all sorts of stuff to this day. But ever since i was little, i used to love to read and try to advance my vocabulary and understanding of this world. Once i got past the commercial sights of rap (the fiddy cent, jay-z, whatever most people would play when i was younger) i began to fall in love with the underground's use of lyricism and crazy samples/mixes for beats.
    Did you used to hate rap, and what turned you around? Just wondering, very stoned and drunk listening to some stuff, and this thought sparked my mind.
  2. i don't hate any genre of music, some just isn't for me, but there's no DISlike of it

    and i love hip hop as a culture and rap as an art form, it's the most lyrically-driven music out there IMO
    i'm a major fan of funk/soul/rap, i just love how most of it reflects real-life shit and is great social commentary to what actually goes on in the country that a lot of us don't see

    and when rappers get creative and do concept albums, the results are usually incredible (a prince among thieves, deltron 3030, blacktrash, a piece of strange)

    nothing particular got me into it, my brain just loved it & understood it since the first time i listened to it
  3. What exactly are Germans then??:confused:
  4. i dont really remember how i got into it, born in new york i think my cousin really got me into it. But i remember the first tiem i heard Nas was on sum shit he was performin on tv n then i was like damn this guy is good as fuck. I remember he was performin songs off illmatic at the time, and ever since that night Nas has been my favorite rapper.
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    I had no choice.

    ^To elaborate on this a little more, I was born like this...born into this..
  6. the beats....just the steady snare and bass rhythms....its great when ur high n the best when youre drunk...something to bob your head to...i was surrounded by it in the 90's...grew up with HOV and biggie...i just love it
  7. pretty much the same story as you cept i was force fed country growing up... blah... and im not from akron, wadsworth if you knoowwww like 15 mins west of akron haha.
  8. im black/mexican and i got into it from the rest of my family growing up.
    i pretty much listen to it cuz it makes me feel soo good and i learn alot about a diffrent side of life and i cant really feel that kinda good listening to metal or rock but i can jam to some country to.
  9. i'm white, and i think i got into hip-hop for a little extra variety in music.

    my first hip-hop cd was return to the 36 chambers, within the same year i started smoking the herb daily. after listening to ODB/wu-tang for six months or so mixed in with classic metal, i started to get more into hip-hop. 90's hip-hop, that is. in the last year or so i've started listening to newer, not-so-mainstream artists. i use HHDB.com quite a bit, some of my favorites are from the food chain collective - rosetta stoned, cubbiebear, teddy faley, flex matthews, and educated consumers to name a few.
  10. I can't remember :eek:. Some of my first rap cd's were Tupac's All Eyez On Me and Death Row's Greatest Hits, I mostly liked it because of the beats cause I was like 10/11 at the time (and Dutch lol). I never stopped listening rap after that and as I became more skilled at English the lyrics really became my no.1 priority, so I broadened my tastes with a lot of underground rappers and older releases.

    I listen to all kinds of music though, lately I've been listening to a lot of rap and reggae. I already listened to Distant Relatives like 4 times front to back :smoking:

    offtopic : Does anyone else listen to a certain genre/album/song/artist non stop for a couple of days and then stops listening for months, only to listen again when you're in the mood or haven't heard it in a while? I go on week long rap binges before I can enjoy rock again, for example.

    I'm White btw (I don't think it's relevant but w/e)
  11. Del the Funky Homosapien got me into hiphop. I was 12, playing Tony Hawk on my Dreamcast or some shit and If You Must plays all the time. Basically, awesome and hilarious. Had me rockin out. Then I heard him on Clint Eastwood and was like, Oh fuck thats amazing. At that age, I listened to nothing but radio rock. Del didn't just get me into hiphop (and what a great place to start) but got me into non-radio music in general. Ten years later I'm still exploring new genres, but man I have a great collection of artists. Del is the man.
  12. I dunno man... I used to hate "rap" because my only exposure to it was commercial radio bullshit. Sometime in the not too distant past I decided it was time to see why this Wu-Tang Clan got mentioned in almost everything ever. I got Enter the Wu-Tang, and from there I learned to appreciate the beats, the flow, and the realness. And the rest is history.

    And I'm white, like Viking white.
  13. It was what I was raised on. My mom listened to Motown, my dad listened to reggae/classic rock, and my older brother listened to rap. I still listen to all those genres today.

    I'm Middle Eastern
  14. I only started liking it a few years ago. I decided I wanted to expand my musical tastes and try listening to hip-hop. So I started watching mtv jams. I hated all the comercial shit that was on their though. I was about to give up when MURS- Can It Be came on and i loved it. I found more of him, then discovered the living legends, then looked into all the members of the crew, and it just branched out from their. I'm White.
  15. I'm Italian-Irish, from a predominately black and latino neighborhood on LI, the only rap I ever got into was the classic NY stuff ie Wu Tang, Onyx, Nas, Jay-Z, etc. I was first exposed to groups like the Wu and Onyx when I was like 8 or so. I'd flip MTV on and these badass thug guys would be on tv, dressed in all black, lookin scary, and to me, especially since I was one of the few white faces in my neighborhood, being tough was all I cared about because I knew it would earn me fear and respect.

    But outside of that, I've always pretty much hated rap. It would bug all my friends out because I wore baggy clothes and whatnot but I liked that "kill yo momma kill yo poppa" music, aka hardcore punk and metal.
  16. I'm white and i mostly listen to gangster rap like, Dr. Dre, snoop dogg, NWA, 2pac... I think the main reason for me is they tell a story about things i'll probably never see. There's no gang violence or anything like that where i live so i think they're interesting to hear.
  17. The girls, the steez, the freedom to be, chillin with the bboys, djs, taggers and ill MCs. Life has a rhythm and to me hip hop is that rhythm. Just as the blues is the soul and jazz is the brain from Muddy Waters to Coltrane. Hip hop is just real people doin real things, which is hard to find in a world driven the dollar. If your fake hip hop will wise you up real quick. Hip hop is a lifestyle, a passion, and even a hobby, but if your real and got love for it hip hop is just some real shit, and thats why i got into hip hop.
  18. I'm white British, and I love hip-hop. Thing is, I love American hip-hop, British hip-hop really isn't my thing. There are some exceptions like The Brotherhood, Roots Manuva and Funky DL.

    The main reason I got into hip-hop is the almighty ganja. Before I toked I didn't give hip-hop a second thought. I started listening to fairly commerical hip-hop mainly for the instrumentals, pretty much ignoring the lyrics. But then one day my friend came round and we skinned up a coupl'a spliffs and put on some Big L & Mobb Deep. Ever since them hip-hops been my passion.

    A few of my favourite artists are Black Sheep, Blahzay Blahzay, Diamond D, Gangstarr, Del the Funky, Smif-n-Wessun, A Tribe Called Quest, Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs, Eric B & Rakim, Jeru the Damaja and Grand Puba.
  19. I'm white, and I used to listen to techno/electro/punk/metal things of that sort. Then a good friend of mine showed me MF Doom, it only expanded from there. I was always blinded by the mainstream and thought "wow all rap must be like this." Could not have been more wrong, I began looking into underground hip-hop and fell in love instantly, 90's hip-hop fascinated me deeply because of the stories they told. After Doom I was introduced to Wu-tang, Biggie, Pac, Big L, the list goes on but you get the point. A good MC has a story to tell, and that's what's so fascinating to me about the music. I still to this day absolutely despise mainstream radio rap though.
  20. Lmao, my grandpa got me a De La Soul and Nelly cd. I think i was like 11 haha. Irish/italian

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