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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by OVERGROWER, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Do You hold your Smoke for as long as you can??
    I want to know why, because to me your only hurting your lungs more!!!
    I have read and will link here shortly(asi'm rolling on X right now so i gotta stay focused on getting this typed ya know) that the THC in cannabis is all taken outta the smoke with in 3-7 seconds of inhaleing... So by holding the hit longer your forceing your lungs to take ALL the bad carcenogens and such so i ask WHY???

    As i Said i'm rollin on X and was haveing a thought on this subject...
    I Myself hold for only a few secs and i always end up happly stoned..

  2. yea i agree. although what i read was that 90% of the THC is absorbed within 10 seconds. our facts are close enough though.....i never hold smoke for longer than 2 or 3 seconds any really doesnt make much of a difference unless u only got a little bit left lol.....only difference is that its much worse for your yeah, i definitely agree with you.
  3. I usually hold smoke for bout 7 seconds...I think its pointless to hold it any longer
  4. the longer u hold in your smoke the higher you get off that one hit. i know any time i take a huge bong rip and continuosly inhale a few times i can feel myself getting higher
  5. I think a lot of it is in peoples minds...
  6. so ur saying if u barely hold in a hit ull be as high as if u held it in for 10 seconds... WRONG, dont talk till u know what ur talkin about.
  7. No need to be an ass bro!! I'm a long time toker12+ years, but i'm not here to defend that against an UNCannabis educated toker..
    I'm just saying WHY hold till ya lungs pop when just a few seconds(3-7) all the THC is depleated and your just soakeing in bad shit...

    Please No need for harshness on my thread......Be easy...
  8. after 7 seconds(some will tell you 5) all you are doing is adding to the tar in your lungs. THC is absorbed very quickly. You may feel higher by holding it longer than 7 but that is only because you are denying your brain oxygen and are getting light headed
  9. Thanks bro!!!!
  10. I hold the smoke in for at least two minutes, then I take a minute breather before taking my next hit.

    I find this way you waste NO weed at all, and in the long run it saves a lot of money.

    I reccomend taking the hit then going under water with some weights (that you can let go of any time obviously) after you take the hit. It's a lot easier to relax and hold it underwater when you know you have to put all the effort into getting your head out of the water.

    I find after about 4 hours of constantly blazing with this method I can blaze about a gram, and after 6 hours I'm pretty damn high!
  11. That is a hell of a process! :eek:

  12. thats retarded just roll up a blunt or smoke a bowl and chill none of that4 hour bullshit

  13. WAY TOO LONG..... but what ever, you want to get high holding your breath go for it
  14. Im pretty sure he was being sarcastic lol. But i usually hold my hits 5-7 seconds. I used to hold them in like 3-4 but now i deffently feel like i get a lot higher.
  15. I hold it in from 4-7 seconds no more. I just heard 7 seconds is the magic second, so to speak
  16. lol silly feller...

    Just pictureed a buch of stones setting there "HIT TIMER"....
  17. i agree with most of u guys...i dont think it really matter how long u hold it in..but once me and my firned got comptlty blazed and were able to hold are breathe till we passed out..when we woke up we were sooo gone..still i do not recomned this...i havent done it prolly die haha..scary thought

  18. why did so many people react so seriously to this post... tyrone, you've got a good way of making a point in a simple, sarcastic way(also referring to your post on shrooms from today). I usually hold about 5 secconds i guess.
  19. you hold it in so more of the thc will stay in your lungs makin you hi

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