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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Aug 22, 2002.

  1. coffeeshops sell weed??? Wouldn't it be better if doughnut shops like Krispee Kreem sold weed instead. Then we could drive down the road and see that big-ass neon red sign that says "Hot doughnuts and Bud"

    Ahhhhh hot doughnuts, ahhhhhh yuuuummmmmmmm!

  2. we dont have a krispy kreem anywhere around here....there aint SHITOLA here, it is south arkansas, no krispy kreem, no 7 11, no system flushing thingies, no head shops, cant even fucking buy papers here....oh well.
  3. Well for one reason, ALL THE COPS HANG OUT THERE!

    Sheesh, gotta explain everything to some people!

  4. I knew you would pick up on the full moon! ;)

    Mr. Moon woke me up last night around 2:30. He was peeking in my window and whispering me to wake up and talk to him. Mr. Ganja, who was floating through my bloodstream decided he needed to talk to him so we all three woke up and had a talk and came to an important conclusion. Also the critters wer running wild last night and them damn Aussie dogs of mine had to bark!!

    Marijuana is really salt!

    No, no, no, MJ is not a spice in the kitchen that you sprinkle on your food, BUT MJ is a spice that you sprinkle on your life that enhances everything that you do. Salt in itself is not that good but it sure makes food better. And the same goes for MJ. When you sprinkle it over your life and experiences, it makes everything enhanced.

    Now don't blame me for this wild idea, it was the Moon talking to me and my brother lunatics.

    I got to see my old granny this morning so that means I get to have a sneaky toke on the drive home today. WTF?????

    I had to stop in the middle of the highway this morning on the way to work. Somebody's horse was loose and it was standing in the middle of the road. And I swear to God the horse winked at me when I was whistling at him to move.

    AND the Moon is still full tonight with no clouds forecast. A full Moon and a Weekend, oh what a fun time I will have tonight!!
  5. i like that seasoned salt..the kinda reddish stuff.....mmmmmmmmmmm
  6. BPP that's quite a midnight revalation there, I totally agree. i love to spice my life up with a lil ganjaspices, I add some daily to my recipe of life. haha!

    I would love to see ganja sold @ convenience stores, behind the counters with the smokes....

    your one-stop-shop for ganja AND yer munchies :D

  7. Do you guys mean the places in Holland???
    They're not actually coffeeshops. That's just what they're called for some reason.
    They're WEED shops!!!

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