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  1. cant you clone a flowering plant

    all i see in clone guides and threads is use a mother plant which is kept in veg

    what happens if i use a flowering plant t clone
  2. You can clone from a flowering plant, it just works MUCH better from a plant in veg. Take a few because they most-likely wont all make it.
  3. Yes you can, I did it for my first set of clones. They grow strange leaves for a while but then back to normal veg.

    Mine were an unknown sativa bag seed (brick weed) and it worked fine.
  4. It just takes longer to root and revert back to veg sometimes its the only way to save a strain. I have noticed clones from plants 1-2 week into flower root faster actually. If properly fertilized.
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    We do it every once in a while for various reasons... no problems.
    They can grow into nice bushy plants w/o training or trimming.
  6. I do have to say also though that i believe in doing this you are highly stressing the plant and herm will be more prevalent if you add more stress. I just always try to be careful with any kind of stress. I learned years ago when a light leak caused thing to herm out ugghhh..

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