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  1. do people need to tell everyone that they're taking a t-break? its fucking annoying
  2. whats the point?
  3. What's so annoying about it ?
  4. Why would some jerk come onto a website where tolerance breaks are rather in line with the general theme of the website, and bitch about people mentioning this aspect of marijuana?
  5. T-breaks can be hard if you've gone a while without one, people need support! -rep!

  6. if anything its easier to write something down the follow through, because then its official. they also get support from others, some who are currently on a tbreak and some who arent.

    stick a tampon in your hole so it wont bother you. and one in your mouth. wait but that wont stop you from typing. stick em on your fingers too so you cant type:devious:
  7. damn dude you told me
  8. if its annoying, then dont view the thread. simple as that.

    so, you are purposely annoying yourself because you chose to read the thread that annoys you. then made an annoying thread about it.
  9. if its an annoying thread take your own advice and dont read it
  10. I don't avoid problems I confront them.

  11. well, i had to view your annoying thread inorder to justify it as annoying.

    i unsubscribed myself from your annoying thread.
  12. If you want trouble bitch I want the same thing
  13. I havent not smoked weed in years, And todays my first day without.
  14. Aw KSR, I feel for you man. Something really good may come along instead, like that job. You'll get hooked up soon. This one's for you bro'! :bongin:

    As for the rest of what has been said in this thread, quit being so annoyed. ALL of you! Take a t-break or a smoke break, n' chill...:smoke:
  15. for support

    t-breaks can be pretty hard

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