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  1. Does anybody have a clue as to why this plant just won't show growth? I remember I had tried a couple seeds and they sprouted this high and then would just stop? Bottom leaves would yellow but just kinda stay at like 2-3 inches

    My other one is doing just fine.. did I plant it to late in the summer maybe? Still 13 hours of light right now

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  2. your soil might be too hot for the seedling..(too much fertilizer),,too much water, not enough air flow, but I'm guessing its the soil. for seedling you want a soil that doesn't have too much fertilizer in it...get a starter soil mix (for seedlings)
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  3. Did you innoculate the seed with any fungal products?
  4. Always, in seedling and transplant.. I'm thinking it's the temp maybe? Strain sensitive? I water like every other day or so, smart pot, happy frog, no nutes added
  5. I have one plant that I did a transplant on. I think I transplanted when the spoil was too dry. Part of the root ball fell off. Now that one plant is stunted. Recently it started growing like crazy but it's still way smaller than the others.
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  6. It looks relatively healthy for a seedling, i would suspect that it wants a longer photoperiod to reach vegetative state. Currently its still just a seedling.

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  7. I think your absolutely right man.. it looks like it's be a good plant, already has purple stemming.
    I mean when I did the transplant, I kinda fucked up a little bit, it's been thru 2 fucked up transplants lol I put clay pellets on the bottom of the pot so it can aerate better, but that made the pot loosebound and I think that's affecting it?I was gripping the aides and turning the smart pot each time I put new layers in too

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  8. It could be, let me tell ya my clones I took now are like only 2 weeks in flower behind seed started mothers.
  9. What do you mean
  10. Some seeds are just duds/runts
  11. I was thinking if that was the case as well.. I did get like 10 seeds out of the bags of the cookies... the plant I had 33 inches was one of them, only successful one til the storms hit.. had a thick stalk, would've been a nice harvest.

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