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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jan 28, 2003.

  1. Why does the weather change from one way to another so drastically?

    It has been real cold and snowy. Now it is supposed to warm up and RAIN. Damn I thought I could make the weather do what I want..

    Musta lost my stoneder powers!

    Can anyone send me some 50 degree weather W/OUT rain..

    I must be getting stoned off my arse!

  2. I don't know why but it seems that the wind always blows towards me, this one day I was walking and took a test I walked to three different way (north, east and west) and It always blowed towards me, this is getting irritating!!!! it doesn't matter that much in the summer but when it's - 20 C out there and the winds blows like crazy it's pretty chillin'
  3. Wind and rain are among the things I really hate....

    It was warm and sunny here in England yesterday, but it's only January :D But now it's cold, and there's supposed to be snow on the way.
  4. a little weater info...

    it gets warm before it gets really cold because ahead of a cold front the winds are generally from w or sw which brings up warm weather from the gulf of mexico... after the cold front passes the winds shift to the opposite direction, and bring down cold air from canada.

    damn cold ass air

  5. YEAH![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  6. cottons been watchin the weather channel :D
    its been like -2 ... looked all over for my degre button, hmm must not have one
    its cold people and snooowwwy
    ill gladly send ya some
  7. 68 here today.

    Spent the day slapping my hand and thinking "Stay out of your vacation! It's only January!"

    At least it's nice to fling the house open and let it air out some. Got off a little early rolled down the windows and took the scenic route home. Sunshine felt soooooooooo good!

    And of course, now, Unoit left the door open and all that refrigerated Canuck air came sweeping in at sundown, and I'm sure by morning it will be a rude experience stepping around the corner of the house.

    At least I got one day!

    To be brief,

    What Cottons said.

    Just happened.

    End of story.
  8. snow is awesome though. skiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg.

  9. Down here it warms up and rains.

    If it gets cold, it snows..

    I just wish the moisture would stop for a couple weeks.

    I'm going to be so stoned for a while if the weather doesn't break!
  10. at least it isn't icing, that is always a deadlock
  11. - 15 C at the moment, there were - 20 C to - 30 C for some three weeks and now it's getting colder again, god I hate the winter in here, I mean you can't go out.
  12. it's about -22 without the windchill. funny once you start getting into the -25 and -30 you get so used to it and then it starts hitting -40 and you can't really tell. except the freezing wind of's been really cold here. it'll go from -40 to -8 in 24 hrs. unbelieveable. we're used to that here. brrrrrr it's chilly today.

    ubik-where about's r u? sounds not to far off from me.
  13. TN weather is nuts, Bud Head. It's in the 40's and raining right now. UGH! It's making the last of my snow disappear!

    Cottons may watch the weather channel but he's the INFO MAN as far as I'm concerned. We need a forum for INFO. Anything you want to know, ask and Cottons shall answer!!! :)
  14. it just snowed today!!
    it looks so beautiful outside b/c all the cars haven't made the snow brown yet.
  15. i woke up today and saw snow on the ground... thought i was still trippin! then i realized it was the only weird thing i saw so i was like *phew* it's been snowing ALL DAY... not enough to close schools or anything... but it's cool. they said it was going to change over to rain... never did.

    LMAO rmjl... the info man... has kind of a nice ring to it. :D

  16. In finland. South finland but the winter's too long in here. I was thinking why did our ancestor ever came here? I doubt it was during the summer wich is really nice and the nature is beautiful after they setled down and thought ahh this is paradise hits the winter and they've must been quite suprised. well it could be worse some 1000 kms up north there's people freezing to death because the houses are quite old etc. makes me sad. but the days are getting longer.... couple of months to go and it's.......SPRING!!!!!

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