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  1. Why make a place ta go and dream
    Da worlds an evil place
    Why look a stranger in da eye
    He might juss see yur face…

    Why smile all day juss ‘cause ya can
    Be serious and straight
    Make flashy eyes and tell some lies
    An ya better not be late!

    Why see da sun in silver clouds
    Mon don't ya feel dat rain?
    Ya act like you don't have a care
    And nowdays dats insane!

    Why pray fur peace ,why pray at all?
    We're all juss food fur worms
    Why sing ‘n dance'n play'n laugh
    Cause when yur grown dat's dumb!?

    Why sail away ta Paradise
    If only fur a while
    I'll tell ya why my bright young crew
    Cause if ya don't ya DIE!!!
  2. Thanks Mon!
    Da"In Paradise"Captn
  3. yeah i loved that....a lot of the time i don't appreciate poetry as much as i should....i read that while high and was well impressed....congrats....Peace out...Sid
  4. I'm really glad you stopped by and read this stuff! I'm no poet but I do like to write my impressions down and it's easier to do that in poetic form for me:) Thanks again for reading and replying so kindly!

    BTW All my "art" and poetry is to be read while being in a state of Stoned Oblivion cause that's how all of them were created LOL
    Da"Stay Stoned"Captn
  5. I agree 110% with this poem indeed!!!!!!! Like I said, I'm a sucker for poetry and art (especially when it has as much talent as yours)!!!!! Keep up the good work.......because it always brightens my day!!!!!!!!!
  6. You make me smile with your happy replys! I'm sooo glad dat my stuff adds somethin positive to yur day...an "artist' can't ask for more ( well maybe to make a buck or two...)!
    Thanks again for makin an old Pirate smile!
  7. Yeah, don't it make ya mad when ya see people juss throwin away their lives juss cause they gots nothin better ta do???!!!
    I am honored ta be thought of as an artist at all and I too thank Bpp for the cool name!

  8. that's a good poem. i really like the message.

    keep up the good work cap'n :D
  9. The National Library of Poety sponsors free poem contests, it might be in your interest to submit, "Why?????????????"

    It wouldn't take long at all, just cut and paste it into the submission box n' you can find the site with any search engine.
  10. http://www.poetry.com

    you can post poetry of any length on the site, but if you want to enter the poetry contest you gotta keep 'em 20 lines or less.

    i've had a few published by these guys, and even had one selected (with 21 others) to be put into spoken word on CD and audio tape.
  11. Thanks for da info and I'll look it up! Thanks for the encouragement too.
    Da"That's Why"Captn
  12. I'm answerin both of your nice posts with this. I'm glad you like the theme of this. I thought Poetry.Com was a vanity site? Nes Pa? Anyhoo, I wish you'd post some of your work here too!!!!! PLEASE?!?!
    Da"Can't Wait"Captn
  13. I will be posting some work shortly. Unfortunately my ex chose to keep my book of poems when I left (not that she intended to read them) so i will have to create some new material, but I will be posting some outlandish comedy stuff shortly.
  14. Recently, I decided that I need to get my butt in gear if I'm going to reach some of my goals before I die. I'm aiming for them all, though.

    That was an inspirational kick in the ass and I loved it. I really did! Thanks, DaCaptn. You woke me up! ;)

    An artist, you are!!!!
  15. Watersnake, we'll be waitin with our laughin hats on!
    Da"Love Ta Laugh"Captn

  16. Nice ta see ya and thanks for the nice words! Yeah, we all tend to take our many blessings for granted at times...we spend more on "dope" in a month here in the States than most people make in a year ,in alot of other countries I've LIVED IN and then we whine and complain cause it takes too long to drive through Burger King!!!
    Da"Go Figure"Captn

    BTW Forgive the late answer, I've been under somekinda bad weather lately.

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