Discussion in 'General' started by flowerchild420, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. Alright.........today I was with my good friend driving around and yes, i had my pills (percocets and oxys) and some weed. So the cops pull us over and I get busted for possession of narcotics with no prescription, possesion of marijuana, and of course, intent to sell. So they take me to jail and set my bond at 35,000 dollars.......that is a mini fortune to me. But anyway, my best friend bonds me out and I go home to spend time with my man (who is supposed to be supportive).........and he was shit faced drunk and his usual pissy ass self.........he calls me everything from a 2 face back stabbing bitch to a pill whore. So I finally said FUCK IT.

    So now I have to go to court and I'm facing 2-10 yrs and I will probably lose my nursing license. If anyone has a vacant cave then let me know.........I need to run and hide. I have never been so scared and lonely in my whole life. Everything was so perfect yesterday and it went to hell today. So everyone keep me in your thoughts and send good karma so I can make it through this difficult time. Also I need a damn good lawyer because we have none around here. But smoke many a bowls for me................
  2. im so sorry flowerchild...you'll be in my thoughts tonight hun...please keep us updated on this ok? if you need anything don't be hesitent to come to the city...just relax take deep breaths and let the river run it's course..these things are always worse than they seem, ive been there
  3. http://www.textfiles.com/anarchy/FREELOADING/disapp.txt


    you actually might want to seriously look into this kind of shit if youre going to be spending the next 10 years in jail otherwise

    it really sucks when fate/life/society throws this kind of shit at you for seemingly no reason.. it hurts you deep down.. but if youre able to roll with the punches and just hold onto your HAPPINESS, then nothing can take that away from you, no matter how hard or unfair everything seems to get..

    good luck
  4. Hey girl! That SO sucks for you. I know you must be really freaked out right now. I'm sending all kinds of kick ass karma your way and I'll be thinking about you. What a hell of a Christmas present, huh?

    Try to enjoy Christmas and know that you'll get through this, ok? We're all here if you need us and if you want to talk, PM me and we'll hook up. I'll hunt around and see if I can come up with anything that can help you out with your case. There are some lawyers that are involved with NORML that you may be able to call who can refer you to someone in your area.
  5. Hey fairy princess, hang in there, girl. Don't give this up without a fight.

    I'm sending all kinds of good karma your way, and this bowl's dedicated to you.
  6. Damn, that really sucks...is this your first offense? If it is then you'll probably just get community service and a year of probation...relax. That's just a slap on the wrist...just start saving money for lawyer fees.

    I really doubt they can take your license away...hell the mayor of DC smoked crack and kept his job!

    PS. phunkyphil I was thinking about disappearing at one time http://www.ariza-research.com/new-id/

    I wouldn't even go to that site from my home computer lol

  7. hey...Im here for you...like any loyal blades..
    whats with this guy? your man? i mean supportive you say, is then SUPPORTIVE. and if i mean, we're so so far (miles!) away im sure, but hes right there (in heart !!!! like we are!!! HERE!) i dunno but I hope this works out between YOU guys...I dunno I wish I was there...is it cooooool between you guys? to talk you know when he sobers up? at the least? im thinkin bout you ;)
  8. that hurtz me to hear... my warmest thoughts are with you.. that's a shitty situation for anyone to be in, i dont care how well i know them ... hella kharma and bowlz comin your way from van island
  9. My personal opinion is to face it. As horrible as 2-10 years in prison seems, consider how horrible it would feel to always be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life. True, you would be out of jail, but in my opinion you still wouldn't be very free. Is a life of constant paranoia really worth it?

    Also, they set your bond at $35,000 and a friend posted it, right? Typically, they must pay 10% to a bail bond agency (plus a fee) and the agency will post the bond. If you decide to run, your friend will be out $3,500 and you'll probably have a bounty hunter on your ass, looking to get a reward from the bond agency for arresting you. Or even if your friend posted the full amount, you MIGHT not have bounty hunters after you, but you'll still let your friend out of $35,000. That would have to be a pretty devoted friend to post that kind of cash, and I would hate to be the one that got screwed over, even if it was only the $3500.

    I feel for you, but IMO running isn't the best idea. Get the best lawyer you can find, it really does matter (why do you think OJ Simpson is free today?) You can probably get out of the distribution charge, or maybe get a good plea bargain. The lawyer can get you a better plea bargain than you could get on your own, so again, I encourage getting one.

    No matter what happens, chances are you'll have to quit smoking and taking pills for a long while. Checking yourself into rehab, or notifying the court of your intention to do so, could go a LONG way towards getting off easier.

    Again, my deep condolences. I wish you the best!
  10. pm me if you want to talk.i have been taking/carrying narcotics for like 5 years.i am legal but i have been hassled none the less.maybe i can help you figure something out
  11. Flowerchild my heart and soul goes out to you my friend. I am sending everything I can offer your way. I will make it my duty to help in any way i can. PM me with a few more details and I'll see what I can do to help you..

    Love from the south BH!!!!
  12. Sorry, I would've responded to this earlier but I haven't been around. But anyway, aw SHIAT, that's gotta be the shittiest thing I've heard in months, First of all I think you should keep in mind that whatever the laws say you are being unjustly persecuted. They wanna put you in jail because you had some of a plant that they don't like and you got pills without paying the drug companies. Second, if you have the w8illpower, the time, and at least some money you should do everything you can to stop this, if it is your first offense I think you can get out of this unscathed, mostly. If it's not then that's no reason not to fight for your freedom. Contact someone who can help you, if you just hire a lawyer or get NORML to hook you up it doesn't matter, if you have to get some good friends to chip in some money, I dunno, just don't sit there waiting to see what happens, stick it to those motherfuckers, for all of us here but for your self especially. Now that I'm done with that I have something special for you, a big smelly sack of my patented Special Christmas Never-Ending Uber Karmaâ„¢

    I hope you use it well, I'll also be promptly sending my army of potato-headed gnomes and smurfs to your aid, as I think you could use them better than I. Good luck and try to have a good Christmas :)
  13. Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!!! I have never been so scared in my whole life.......everything I have worked for is spinning out of control. I have been suspended from work until this whole situation goes to court. They can't have a possible felon working as a nurse. (Like I needed anything else to go wrong at this time).

    And no, this isnt technically my first offense. Last february when I got my DUI, I was busted with possession of a narcotic without a prescription but they dropped the drug charge if I pleaded guilty to the DUI. But they are still holding that against me. Basically it sucks to be me!!!

    And I could never run.......my best friend put her house up so I could get out on bond and if I run, she will lose it. And not many people would even do what she did for me. And I love her dearly for it!!!!!

    But thanks for all the good karma and its great to know if I need support you all are here!!!!!!!! I love you guys!!!!
  14. I'm sooooooooo sorry to hear this! I too, just now got just to this thread. You'll be in my thoughts, and by all means keep us posted on the status of your situation!

    Now for the advice part.

    Lose the man. If he can't support you thru this, then he never will thru anything else. Life is short too spend it with assholes!

    As for your legal troubles,

    I had a friend who went thru some similar troubles a few years ago. This is how he dealt with it. Remember, this is only a suggestion!

    He threw himself on the mercy of the court. He played it up that he was a hopeless addict who needed help but could'nt get any. Crying is always a good effect for this part. He begged the judge to help him find a program to help him rid himself of his evil addiction. He was looking at 10 years in the big house, but wound up with 2 weeks in a dry out house, and a 2 years of supervised probation, piss tests, and all that assorted fun that comes with it.

    I'm only suggesting this, I figure you'd probably be open to anything. I don't know if you're in the U.S. or not, I dunno if it would work elsewhere in the world.

    Take care, keep your chin up, and let us know how you're doing!

    In case the first one was'nt e'nuff,

  15. What bad luck, my deepest sympathies flowerchild

    Back in Dark ages, they burned people on the stakes for thinking differently. Today we get tossed in jail coz' we prefer getting high before getting drunk & hungover. Make no mistake about it, todays MJ laws is a crusade against freethinkers. Poets, Musicians, Authors and working Joe get stiffed for doing nothing more than reaping the gifts of nature. I think the powers that be are afraid of people who can actually think and decide things for themselves without the aid of their "supervision and guidance"...

    Fuck 'em, You can fight them.
  16. you will probably get off with less than what they say the sentence will be. i hope so. best of luck to you
  17. deffinately deffinately hook up with NORML

    umm..and ya know, id be kidding you if i knew what to say, because i dont, i noticed in some other threads people were sending you karma, and didnt really know what for..so i decided to figure it out for myself..and i find this thread, and about shit my pants..not really tho
    like i said, i cant give you any advice, for i havent been in that situation, all that i can really tell you is that my thoughts are most definately with you, and im going to send all my super charged weed karma your way tomorrow, i promise, and most definately keep your head up, dont forget your true friends here at the city, and yeah, smoky is right, life and its experiences are too great to have them pissed on by an asshole, if you ever need a shoulder, ya got us here at the city..and if worst comes to worst you can claim sanctuary at tha church :D

    we all love you, and stay strong.
  18. Thanks guys..........peace, love, hugs, and karma to all my fellow friends here at the city!!!!! The ones close to my heart know who they are!!!!!! LOL. I'm trying really hard to be strong but I'm scared as hell. I have worked so hard in my life and I'm getting ready to lose it all on my own stupidity, a rat, and a felony charge or two!!!!!!!

    But I do so appreciate all the extra special karma that has been coming my way. I shall keep you all updated as I find things out. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and smoke many a bowls for me!!!!!!!!!

    Love, hugs, and kisses............
  19. BOWL NUMBER 1 FOR YOU just went into the lungs:D

    (figured itd be nice to know) *insert another smiling face here, for ive used up my one* *also, i know these smiley restrictions must be killing critter lol* **insert another face here...the one with the tounge**
  20. Unless you're a repeat offender and have a record a mile long I wouldn't think you would go to jail on the first offense.
    Maybe even get into a detox and use that to help with your defense. Plead drug addict and plead for mercy, why put a non-criminal in jail. Good luck

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