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  1. Why do people wear skate shoes that don't even skate? And why do people wear basketball shoes on the streets that don't play basketball? People that do that annoy the shit out of me, or people that wear bulls snapbacks and aren't from Chicago or don't even watch the bulls.
  2. Lmao people have their own preferences it's not a bad thing really. I wear hella vans but I'm not a skater, I'm a dancer. Regardless it still attributes to my style.
  3. styling G, your dress sense must be so simple and plain

    .. Really?
  5. Why do you care so much?

  6. Do you wear polo shirts and not play polo? Do you wear jeans and not work on the railroad?
  7. People who wear hats, but don't think. Grrrrrr...
  8. because fuck you thats why
  9. I used to be with you.
    But then i tried on a pair of skate shoes. zomg, with all that extra padding my feet were in heaven. now all I wear is nike sbs. plus they look cool. and are made by chinese 10 year olds for 10 cents an hour.

    oh but i agree about the people who wear stuff that has team shit on it from a team they don't support. I don't care if you're not from there. but if u wear a yankees cap, you should be at least into baseball/skankees.
  10. Cause skate shoes are comfortable.
  11. Why do you fret about other people's attire? It doesn't affect your life. There are more pressing issues to be concerned about.
  12. Is there a special correlation between thinking and hats?
  13. Because its their style?

    Who says you have to skate in order to wear skate shoes? Its kind of funny that it bothers you so much though
  14. Yes I agree they shouldn't, the government must assign specific clothing brands to their matching stereotype then only then will there peace in the world.
  15. I wear boxers with slits in the crotch, but I don't have a penis.
    Am I doing it wrong?
  16. Over the longjohns? Might still be hard to poop.

  17. Rofl this actually made me LOL....that said, I for example wear puma indoor soccer shoes...sambas or whatever they are called. I get "Do u play soccer bro, i play soccer!!!" No, fuck u /staleface, i like comfortable ass shoes and those are it
  18. i used to skate when i was younger. and skate shoes are way more comfy than over shoes so that's what i rock.
  19. What am I supposed to wear loafers? Oh wait I'm not a sailor
  20. [quote name='"TinTizzy"']What am I supposed to wear loafers? Oh wait I'm not a sailor[/quote]

    I thought sailors wore sperrys?

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