Why you started and Your first time thread

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  1. I haven't seen any threads for this so I thought I would make one, This thread is pretty much all about how your first time smoking was and why you felt that you should start, Some of you may have some pretty basic answers but there can be some funny first times and probably some funny Why you started posts.
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    I started because I was interested and so were all of my friends haha.
    I saw my brother and his friends do it all the time.
    I was really scared of it at first, though :3 I was like "oh I'm never gonna do that!" and even once my brother and his best friend were smoking on the back porch and I called my mom and told her ^.^ I was like freakiiing out hahha I thought they were gonna die or something. hahah I was a rude little girl back in the day. After he found out I called he sat me down, calmed me down and explained weed to me.
    It's funny though, my brother and his friends would seriously DRAG me out of my room and try to get me to smoke but I never would with them. I remember they tried to make me hit a gravity bong my first time!

    My first time I went behind the park in my town.. It was a very woodsy area with like 3 other girls and 3 other dudes. We smoked out of a pop can lmao :3 I didn't supply the weed though. :D
    I remember a girl that was there, it was her first time too and she got really paranoid and started crying before she even smoked lol.

    Then i remember a crap load of people showing up at the park and we all blazed. Don't remember anything after that except I remember spinning around on the mary-go-round :D
  3. curiosity. I sorta went through this rebellious stage growing up, and i did a whole bunch of stupid shit haha. After smoking weed for the first time though, it stuck with me :smoke: nothing better
  4. My parents left for the evening, so invited friends over.
    I had no experience with weed before and didn't hesitate to try it when he randomly brought some over.
    We decided to hotbox my small shed in my backyard for my first toke. I remember outsmoking my friend and laughing on the couch at nothing.
    Good day
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    I was really interested in it since I found out my cousin smoked, I would always go and look at his ounce in his Tin and his metal pipes, then one day at school these guys were going to the forest where all the smokers/tokers go and I just started walking with them ( I sort of new them) then they kept giving me bong snaps over and over I had so many then 20 minutes later everything just started moving like a earthquake and then we trekked off for some sausage rolls, when I was walking I had to keep looking at my body and have my hands in my pockets because when I looked away it felt like my body disappeared lol, wish I could still get that high. Good times I genuinely miss high school never thought I'd ever say that back then though, I got away with so much shit in year 10 I only went 20 days of the year haha. I was still at school I just never went to class or signed in, just smoked weed and messed around always went to art class and English, English was a bludge but the work was really funny and interesting. Anyway I'm really baked peace.

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