WHY YOU SHOULD USE HEMP WICK. (How butane can harm you)

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  1. "Although widely popular among smoke enthusiast worldwide, butane lighters contain chemicals that can cause damage to the body and ruin the taste of smoke. Inhaling large amounts of butane, for example, can cause drowsiness, asphyxiation and even cardiac arrest. While much of the butane is burned off when lighting a butane lighter, some trace amounts are still inhaled. Fire from butane lighters also contains trace amounts of harmful hydrocarbons. Flint lighters, meanwhile, contain metal alloys (called “flint dust”) that get flicked into the flame. These can also be inhaled and can build up over time."

    Source: Info « I-Tal Hemp Wick

    I've been using hemp wick for close to a year now. I have my pipe, my friend's bong, and a few lighters wrapped in it. The point is, it really does help for those who were curious/didn't know! Be safe, wrap it up! :bongin: (with hemp wick that is) ;)
  2. Dude, I've been meaning to get some hemp wick. Can't stand the taste of butane. Really ruins the flavor of your herb. It can't be good for you to inhale that stuff.
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  3. dude ital has to be the worst hempwick I've ever used and it makes me sad that its made in china :( It says it right on the label in tiny print. you should check out some of the other hemp lighter options if you're really into the wick. my favorite is the humboldt hemp wick lighter and I also like them because they give a 100% free sample

    FREE Hemp Wick! FREE Shipping! « Humboldt Hemp Wick Organic Lighter

  4. If you really look into it the burning of organic materials in the hemp wick is more damaging then the miniscule amount of butane. Unless u put the lighter dirctly in the bowl and use way too much you wont have any issues

    Hero wicks are nice to smoke with but the advantage is in taste not saftey
  5. Bee-line is pretty good I think...
  6. Not only is it probably worse for you than a tiny bit of tane, it always gave me an off taste. Glass glo rod > burning hemp
  7. I-Tal is the only wick available near me and I feel like it adds a nasty burnt paper/not weed taste to my weed. I'd take a glo rod or herb iron over it any day.

    Til I can justify the cost of an Embur to myself or actually be bothered using a fucking torch every hit, I'll stick to my lighter.
  8. Dont just post things like this without evidence, you're the first person I've ever heard make this claim, hemp wick is widely regarded as a safer alternative so if this is true plz provide a link
  9. I-tal tastes like shit, Beeline or Humboldt hemp wick are the only ones Ive tried that have no taste
  10. I love using Humboldt Hempwick over a Bic...definitely tastes better, plus you don't inhale butane. It's at least worth trying.
  11. Humboldt is the best I think, I like the thinner style, they're just a pleasure to do business with too; great company!

    ital is way too thick on a small piece ill burn my moustache off haha, and i've never tried beeline so I can't speak for it.
  12. I hadn't thought to try a wick, think ill pick some up this weekend.
  13. Meh, they're not bad. Burn quicker than I expected, but I had unrealistic expectations.
    If you use hemp wick, make sure not to get the ones coated in paraffin wax, that stuff is worse than butane. Get the ones that have a sweet smell, usually means its coated in beeswax, clean burning all natural stuff.
    Never trust synthetics.

    grow log http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-grow-journals/1180070-vas-indoor-newb-grow.html
  14. Humboldt hemp wick is the best, I get the full taste of my bud with it.

    US made too
  15. Hemp wick is so lovely, makes for a much more pleasant smoke. I'm a fan of Bee-line myself. I wrap my lighters - You've got a portable wick, with something to light it all in one package.

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